Top 10 Questions About Growing Garlic For Profit


Many people have questions before they start their own garlic-growing business. Here are 10 FAQs about a garlic-growing business. Think about the questions and answers, and soon you could be on your way to success with your own garlic business:

1. Is garlic really a profitable plant?

It sure is. According to the Fresh Garlic Association, garlic is the second most-used spice in the entire world. Last year alone, Americans consumed over 300 million tons of garlic. That’s right, 300 million tons. With prices as high as $7 a pound for gourmet garlic, why not get your share?

2. How do you become a successful grower?

In addition to growing healthy plants you simply need to grow what people want. Toyota needs to make a car people want to drive. Apple needs to make a computer that people like to use. It’s the same for your garlic business. Talk to businesses and consumers and find out exactly what varieties of garlic they’re looking for. Grow those. It’s as simple as that. Hint: Elephant garlic and hard neck garlic are best sellers in most areas.

3. What Ph balance does your soil need to be?

Your garlic needs to grow in healthy soil. Be sure to take care of any weed, pest and other disease problems. In particular, your soil’s pH balance should be between 6.2 and 6.8. Have it tested, or test it yourself with a simple tester, and make sure your soil is not too acidic or alkaline.

4. Where can you sell your garlic?

There are many places. The best for small growers include: farmers’ markets, roadside stands, mail-order sales, produce brokers, supermarkets, organic food distributors, food co-ops, making value-added products and more.

5. Should you grow in raised beds?

Growing your garlic in raised beds is recommended. A raised bed that is six inches tall and 30 inches wide should do the trick. Raised beds are a better way to grow garlic, because they provide good drainage and allow for closer plant spacing, which can double yield per square foot.

6. How close together can you plant garlic?

In general, you want to plant your garlic as close together as possible. When starting out, that means planting them about four to six inches apart. As you get more experience using raised beds, you might be able to plant them as close together as three inches apart.

7. There are two types of garlic. Which should you grow?

There are two main types of garlic: soft neck and hard neck. Soft neck is what is usually in grocery stores. Hard neck is the type you should be growing. It produces more flavors than soft neck and can grow in colder climates. It also can make you a bigger profit. Elephant garlic is another best-seller.

8. What gardening tools should you have?

These are some of the recommended garden tools that will make growing garlic much easier: a digging fork, hoe, and a lightweight tiller, such as a Mantis.

9. How much does gourmet garlic routinely sell for?

Gourmet garlic, such as elephant garlic or gourmet hard neck varieties, will generally make you more money. Currently, elephant garlic often sells for $7 a pound.

10. What are some good watering tips?

Your garlic will need a lot of water as it grows. Give it the water it needs, but don’t over-water your garlic either. In particular, your garlic will need a lot of water between May and July. When it’s about two or three weeks away from harvest time, then you should cut way back on watering.

These are the top 10 FAQs about a garlic-growing business. Hopefully the answers will help you to make the profits you’ve always wanted. To learn more about growing garlic for sale, read Golden Harvest, available at


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