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Qivana is another new MLM startup that has thrown its hat into the health and wellness arena. What helps set Qivana apart is the unique approach to the health products they market. The company concentrates on detoxification and cleansing of the body first, while implementing a Chinese herb and mineral regimen later, after the body has regained its ability to absorb the nutrients.

Qivana is the brainchild of Derek Hall even though he shares the spotlight with co-founders Rodney James, Devin Glazier and Justin Banner, all of which have extensive backgrounds in the health and wellness industry.

Derek Hall is quite the impressive success story considering he emigrated at 15 from England. He began his working life at McKesson Corp as a truck driver of all things. Some would say that starting his career working for a pharmaceutical company and continuing there for 26 yrs really molded him for his success in the natural supplements business. He actually spent the last 10 yrs at McKesson as Senior V.P. in San Francisco at their corporate offices.

Literally every company that Derek Hall has touched, has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity.

At McKesson, sales revenues grew from 10 to 22 billion with Derek at the helm. As Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Life Sciences, annual sales ballooned from $18,000,000 to 76,000,000 in just over 2 yrs. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Botanicals Int’l, annual sales exploded to 42 million from 26 million in 2 yrs.

Seems everything Derek Hall touches simply turns to gold, and with good reason. He seems to have a unique vision for the future of natural products in the respective industry.

The fact that Derek also owned 3 businesses and founded Integrated Therapeutics, an alternative care company, helps give him a different perspective. One that can only help in his quest for the success of Qivana and the Independent Business Owner (IBO).

There are some in the industry that might say that Qivana is troubled right out of the gate, considering Derek Hall has been sued by UniVera Sciences, a company in which he served as the chief Executive Officer.

I personally have never been one to really believe in any type of non compete agreements and that is basically what the Qivana lawsuit is really about.

Realistically, how could anyone in their right mind expect someone like Derek Hall, who has spent 40 yrs. in this industry, not to re-enter if after taking a couple of yrs off after resigning from UniVera? It would be a totally different situation if he had stolen top secret, proprietary company research documents. If you read the petition, it’s more about him starting Qivana than anything else.

I guess it will depend on the way in which his contract with UniVera Sciences was written, oh, and of course the mood of the judge on any given day.

At the end of the day, with the unique and distinctive product line, and the top notch executive team Qivana has assembled, one would have to say they get an A+ in the areas of product development and industry experience, but a C- in regards to the online marketing training their IBO’s receive. Anyone that is anyone online knows you must drive huge amounts of very targeted traffic to sites and systems (that you own), and your blogs if you want to be successful in the long term.

Everyone runs out of friends, family and neighbors eventually.


Source by David Lee Lesniewski

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