Hemorrhoids and Sitting – How Can You Get Hemorrhoids From Sitting Too Long?


How can you get hemorrhoids from sitting too long? There are just so many ways you can get hemorrhoids and I can understand it’s frustrating trying to find out what is causing your hemorrhoids problem. It might even seem impossible that sitting can have anything to do with why you get them. Well, If you are still skeptical after reading this article then I suggest you talk to any over the road truck driver. They have a lot of experience from spending hours sitting in the driver’s seat.

So, How can you get hemorrhoids from sitting too long? Hemorrhoids are this walled veins in the rectum and when put under pressure they tend to swell and cause hemorrhoids. It does not matter if you spend hours sitting behind a desk or driving a truck the cause is still the same. When you sit for long periods of time blood will pool into the lower region of the body. This pooling will increase pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins in the rectum and cause them to swell. This also applies to people who sit all day in front of the TV or people who are obese and bed stricken.

What kind of changes can you make to help get rid of your hemorrhoids? I understand that you have to be at your desk and sit at the office and yes you have to drive the truck to do your job. However, there are things you can do to help get your blood circulating and help keep it from pooling and cause hemorrhoids problems. The best way to help get the blood moving will be for you to get up and walk around the office for 5 to 10 minutes every hour or so. You can use that time to think of your next work project or to clear your thoughts. If you get up and walk around you will feel better and you might even find yourself being more productive. If you can not do this at the office during working hours then do it on your breaks and during your lunch hour. Now this will be a lot harder for a truck driver to walk around their office. However, there is nothing stopping you from pulling over at a rest stop and getting out for a walk and stretch your legs. This might even make you a more alert driver and help keep those eyes open during those long hauls.

Finding out what is causing your hemorrhoids is key to solving the problem. That’s why natural hemorrhoids treatments have become so popular because they work with you to help you find the cause of why you’re getting yours. Then help you make the changes in your life to cure them for good.


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