Do You Need a License to Operate a Powered Pallet Truck?


As with most machinery you do not necessarily need a license to operate a powered pallet truck as the company who are requiring you to use the pallet truck will provide the necessary training. If the company fails to offer such training then you are at risk of hurting yourself or another person in which the company is liable. Although it is not required some companies with their training of powered pallet trucks give certificates to show competence of the machine, whereas other companies usually smaller companies do not give out certificates and only provide the training.

So what kind of training do you need to operate a powered pallet truck?

If you are working in a job where using a powered pallet truck is necessary you will receive training. A general training regime may look a little like this:

o An Introduction

o Theory and Video

o Operators Safety Code

o Responsibility under the HSE act 1974

o Battery Charging

o Truck Stability

o Motive and Hydraulic Controls

o Pre-shift checks recording

Once the candidate has gone through the proper training a few tests will be performed that the candidate will be required to pass. In the event that the candidate fails the tests, he or she will need to sit through the training again and re-take the tests.

The candidate will be required to pass:

o A theoretical test

o Pre-use checks

o A practical test

Always remember to never operate a powered pallet truck, or any type of machinery, without the proper training as this can result in injury and accidents which you personally could be held responsible for.


Source by Beth Fork

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