Are You Buying New or a Second Hand Boat?


What are the pro’s and con’s between New and secondhand?

New Boats:

With a new boat you will know the history of the boat, the interior and the engine.

If something happens like: the boat leaks or there is a engine failure you will have your warranty

to fall back on.When you finance a new boat, you can usually get a

much better interest rate as well.Also you don’t have to spent time and money on repairing or restoring a older boat.You can just sail out right after you bought your boat.

Secondhand boats:

Secondhand boats are a great choose if this is the first time you are buying a boat

and don’t really know what to do with it, or when you are on a tight budget.Even when your planning on buying a new boat its best to take the first steps in a boat that did not cost you that much. Not because you would sink it because you don’t have the experience as a captain yet , but maybe boating is not what you thought it would be and then you would have lost more money on a new boat then on a used boat.

Visiting boat shows is a great tool to narrow down your list with type of boats that you prefer.Also is the internet there are many websites with new and secondhand boats, take the time to do your research it can save you a lot of money or a lot of time restoring.

Happy boating.


Source by Dave Zegers

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