5 Steps to Success Using Home Made Subliminal Messages


Using subliminal messages is easy and they can have a profound impact on your life. Although many people only hear about how these type of subconscious commands are used in advertising i.e. subliminal messages advertisements, they can be used very successfully for self improvement purposes.

Below are 5 tips you can follow to make your own subliminal messages that are tailored specifically to you and your unique situation and personal goals. Although you can use subliminal messages software this is a cheap alternative that you can put to work immediately.

Just follow the five steps blow:

1. Set a goal.

Before you attempt to use any tool, tactic or resource you must know what you are using it for and what you intend it to do. This may sound elementary and slightly patronizing but the reason for failure using any self improvement tool is a lack of directed focus and having no concrete definite objective.

Know what you want to achieve and then make it a goal. As an example we will use a new car.

2. A picture paints a thousand words.

In subliminal messages advertising videos on YouTube you can clearly see that pictures are used to “sell” to a prospective customer a product and connect it to a certain emotion or desire. When you make your subliminal messages you should do the same.

Create a desirable picture. Cut the car you want from a magazine and paste a photo of yourself over it. Make a few small copies and stick them in places you don’t usually look but pass every day. Like the side of the fridge or below a mirror.

Keep a large one – you’ll find out why later.

3. Hidden commands.

A subliminal message is a hidden command used to direct your subconscious mind. So somewhere on the large picture you put aside in step 2 write down a statement of intent like “my car” in our example. You will use a sentence that sums up your goal.

You should also write out small affirmations like “I own a…….(your goal)”. In our example it may be “I own a 2010 GTI White Golf Hatchback, with 17 inch alloy wheels, and a top of the range stereo system.”

4. Make a movie.

Use windows movie maker to create a short collage of images with affirmations stating that you already own the car of your dreams. Watch this movie for approximately 10 minutes every day to reinforce your other work.

5. Flash it into existence.

Get yourself a small push button flash light and place it beside your bed within arm’s reach.

On a wall opposite from where you sleep but a wall that you face put your picture with the affirmation on it that you made in step 3.

Set your alarm clock to wake you in the middle if the night. When the alarm sounds sit up quickly in the bed and point the flashlight at the picture turning it on only briefly. That is push the button on and off quickly while pointing the flashlight at the picture.

Do this twice. Then return to sleep.

Follow this simple plan and you will condition your subconscious mind to bring you your goal quickly.


Source by Michael McGrath

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