Top 10 Reasons Nice Guy Syndrome Leads To Failure With Women


10) Too Nice- Yes the obvious one starts it off because by definition a nice guy is “nice” and nice guys don’t succeed sexually with women because quite frankly they’re nice guys.

9) Too Honest- A nice guy will let a girl know how deeply he cares for her and this leads to a few problems. The first problem is this might scare her away because she never looked at you in that way. Another problem is this kills off any sense of mystery you can convey with her. If she already knows how you feel about her, then what is there for her to fantasize about?

8) Lie too much- This isn’t a contradiction to the last reason it’s another typical nice guy trait. A nice guy will lie to himself and women about his sexual attraction to her because one of the biggest myths being perpetuated is women don’t want sex. Consequently he will pretend he only wants friendship in the beginning too “appear” different from all of the other guys who just want to bed her. This propensity for lying leads to the honesty previously mentioned which just comes out of nowhere and completely scares of women. Try being honest upfront. There is no need to hide your sexual feelings towards her in the beginning. You’d be surprised how much more action you’ll get that way.

7) Too needy- If you get a woman’s number or if by some miracle you actually got her into bed doesn’t give you free reign to call and pester her 24/7. Women want men they have to chase down not men who are all over them all the time calling “just to talk”. Come on, man you gotta stop being so needy with women.

Try this: Ask a women seriously which man would she be more drawn to, a man who calls 5 times a day or a man who calls 5 times a month.

6) Too predictable- Women love drama and adventure. They’re attracted to men who have an aura of excitement and danger. If you want to keep a woman you have to set her on an emotional roller coaster. Why do you think they spend so much time and money reading Romance Novels?

5) Too cautious- This is an extension of the last reason. You have to be bold and show women you’re a real man. Instead of just thinking about approaching a girl you want, make your move and walk up to her to initiate a conversation. You may surprise yourself and separate yourself from the majority of men who are “nice guys”.

4) Too gullible/people pleaser- Nice guys typically don’t have much street smarts. They can easily be hustled because one of the laws of human nature is “we like people who are like us”. Imagine for instance you’re in a club and a woman is talking to you smiling and you’re smiling right back at her and she asks you to buy her drink, what are you going to do? My guess is you’ll be her a drink. My 2nd guess is right after you buy her a drink she’ll be on the dance floor bumping and grinding with the guy who didn’t buy her a drink. My 3rd guess is she’ll be leaving with that same guy while you’re left paying for her cocktail.

Women will always respond negatively to men who are gullible people-pleasers. She needs to know from the jump that you can handle yourself, are tough-minded, and difficult to win over. It’s not in a man’s nature to be a pleaser of other people.

3) Too sweet/sensitive- You got yourself a 1st date and show up to her doorstep with candy & roses and you know what will happen? She’ll already feel she’s conquered you and the game is over so after the date don’t expect any kind of sexual pleasure. You’ll be lucky to get a goodbye kiss, but my guess is it’ll probably be a goodnight kiss right on the cheek. There’s no reason to be sweet all the time. A bad boy can get away with bringing flowers because it goes against what he normally does and as mentioned earlier women want an unpredictable man. When a bad boy does it it’s usually later in the relationship just to show her he can be sweet at times.

2) Too smiley- You want to be taken seriously then you have to look serious. If you approach a girl with a big smile on your face she’ll probably think you’re a wuss and not give you the time of day. Attracting women is serious business, boys and you have to put your game-face on at all times. This brings out that “mystery” thing I spoke about earlier. Women are experts at body language and love to imagine what’s going on inside your head. That’s why many women love astrology and psychology. If you’re always smiling like a used car salesman you’ve taken away all of her fun and firmly placed yourself in the “low-status individual” category aka “just friends”.

1) Evolution: Unfortunately for nice guys evolution has burned you. When we were all still living in very dangerous conditions men had to hunt, fight and protect their families/tribe. The men who proved capable of doing this were valued because women naturally knew they and their children will be safe under his watch.

Think about that for a moment. A man is supposed to be a leader not a follower. He is supposed to be a man of action not caution and he is supposed to be a protector. Nature has dictated this arrangement.

Nice guys are followers, men of caution and if they can’t protect themselves, how are they supposed to protect their women and children. This is why evolution is the number 1 reason why nice guy syndrome leads to failure with women.


Source by Marquise Valmont

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