What to Do If the Auto Body Repairs Done on Your Vehicle Are Not Satisfactory?


When it comes to having your vehicle repaired, especially to having the auto body repaired, you would always want your vehicle to look great. However, at times, the auto body repair done on your vehicle might not be satisfactory or at least not as good as what you had expected. What can you do in such an event? Should you keep silent and accept the unacceptable repair job done on your vehicle? No, you need not just accept the bad repair work without taking any action.

Following are certain steps that you should follow if you are unsatisfied with the repair job done by the auto body shop:

Step 1: Talk to the manager or the shop-owner of the auto body shop you are dealing with, and explain your problem to them coolly and frankly. As most auto body shops rely on word of mouth, it is highly likely that your problem will be sorted out at this step itself. All you need to do is explain clearly what you think is not repaired properly and what needs to be repaired. In case, the manager or the shop-owner fails to help you, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Find out if there is anyone at a post higher than the manager. If yes, get an appointment fixed with the higher authorities of that auto body shop. Speak to them directly if possible; otherwise just send them an e-mail explaining your problems. If this solution also does not work, try the next step.

Step 3: Submit a formal written complaint regarding the unsatisfactory services to the consumer welfare government office. If the auto body shop you are dealing with is a part of online portals, such as the ‘Better Business Bureau’, you can post your complaint with them online to make it public.

Thus, instead of accepting a repair that is just not right, it is wise to take appropriate actions as listed above. As is popularly said, “Prevention is better than Cure”, it is always better to avoid any such event by making sure you are dealing with a reputed, trustworthy auto body shop functioning in your area.


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