Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV


Like any other Small Utility Vehicle, Toyota Highlander packs in a lot of space. It is therefore a comfortable vehicle for people with large families or more than 2-3 children. The Hybrid version of Toyota Highlander has people extremely interested in buying this vehicle for its economical performance.

Toyota is the first automobile manufacturer to introduce both types of vehicles, sedan and SUVs in the market. Typically like any other Hybrid car the Toyota Highlander gives a lot more mileage than an average SUV would give per gallon of gas.

This SUV gives a less noisy ride like the other Hybrid cars combined with 4 wheel drive and a higher height ride. This SUV is powered by new version of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. Therefore, the SUVs engine is 3.3 liter V6 engine combined with a high torque electric drive motor generator.

This new motor/generator operates at a high speed and gives more power to the engine. This combines with the engine produces power up to 3500 pounds. Due to this the Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV is rated as SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle).

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV averages up to 27.6 miles per gallon on gas.

The tank capacity therefore will give you 600 miles per fill-up of gas.

Like the other Toyota manufactured vehicles, this vehicle also has similar utilities provided to it including the navigational system which remains optional in this model also.

For people who like to go for long distance travels using their SUVs, this car also provides with a facility to put a sunroof. This is an added feature not existing in any other Toyota automobiles.

Due to the high demand for this vehicle, the chances that you would get price cuts are less. Though there might not be a long waiting list, if wanting to buy from the readily available Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUVs there is limited choice.

This 7 passenger hybrid SUV therefore is quite a steal, from fuel economy, to ecological welfare, this SUV passes all the tests that anyone might require from their SUV. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV also has the Bluetooth and a large music system features that a generation next vehicle will possess.

So, if interested in an SUV you can surely check out the Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV. It is priced and designed for better economy usage than any other car.


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