Tarps Used For Pond Liners


A pond in the backyard is a great way to make the landscape beautiful. Ponds are gorgeous with exotic fish and aquatic life, but they do require maintenance and care. The best type of care for this type of structure is a proper pond liner. The most used and least expensive type of liner is a tarp that is heavy duty and strong enough to keep the pond life safe. These tarps are flexible, waterproof, UV protected and tear resistant. They are essential for maintaining the structure of a pond.

How to Purchase a Tarp for a Pond

The first thing to consider is what type of climate do you live in warm or cold. What is the location of the pod is it in the direct sunlight or the shade and the cost and quality requirements. The best type of liner to use is one that is flexible and adjustable. There are PVC, Butyl, and Ethylene liners that are used as pond liners. These liners come in several earth tones to match their background, they are inexpensive and they last for years. There are also performed liners that are built to the specific size and shape of the pond. Also there are concrete liners which are made from cement, sand, gravel and water. These concrete liners have to be put in by professional installation to ensure the quality and longevity of the structure.

Other Uses for Heavy Duty Liners

Heavy Duty tarp liners are used for camping, cars, trailers, boats etc. These tarps are light weight, easy to handle, flexible, waterproof and tear resistant which is excellent for these heavy structures. They are also mildew resistant and have a required thickness to reduce wear and tear. Roof and rack covers are great for temporarily repairing a leaky roof it helps to prevent major damage and keeps the integrity of the roof intact. The improper use of cheap coverage on a leak can lead to mold and eventually destruction. The best types of tarp to use on these structures are heavy duty and silver tarp.


Heavy duty tarp is an excellent multi purpose, poly liner that can be used to cover many things from ponds, to campers to vehicles and boats. It is an inexpensive way to make repairs and protect major structures, by keeping them secure and away from the elements. When selecting a tarp or liner to cover a particular structure it is best to know what type of tarp you need by analyzing the area and weighing the options that are best suited for the situation.


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