Most Popular Wholesale Tire Sizes


Want to buy the most popular wholesale tire sizes to ensure your inventory is filled with products that are likely to sell and sell quickly? Each year the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association puts out a fact book which includes the most popular tire sizes when it comes to both original equipment tires and replacement tires. We have compared this information to our own sales figures and found that it is extremely accurate and reliable. You can now make informed purchasing decisions when looking for wholesale tires to complete your inventory. These tires are the ones that are guaranteed to sell and not waste space sitting around in your shop.

In 2008, the four most popular replacement tire sizes represented a solid 13.3% of tire shipments reported by RMA-member companies. The sizes were were:

1. P225/60R16

2. P235/75R15

3. P205/65R15

4. P215/70R15

The RMA also listed 5 of the most popular original equipment tire sizes:

1. P215/60R16 (this consistently popular size represented 8% of OE shipments alone!)

2. P225/55R17

3. P265/70R17

4. P195/60R15

5. P215/55R17

As far as wholesale OE light truck tires, you can’t go wrong with these sizes:

1. LT245/75R16

2. LT225/75R16

3. LT265/70R17

4. LT245/75R17

5. 37×12.50R16.5

Many times when retailers purchase wholesale tires for their inventory, they aren’t sure what the most profitable and sensible purchases are. If you are trying to beef up an order to meet minimums, or if you are a new auto shop that wants to keep some popular tire sizes stocked, you can’t go wrong if you use this list of best-selling wholesale tire sizes.


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