Making Room for the New – Creating a Vacuum Is the Number One Rule in the Universe


Recently, a friend of mine said, I have learned “you have got to get rid of the old in order to make room for the new.” If we all realized just how poignantly true this statement is, we could easily and effortlessly claim our good.

Creating a vacuum is the number one rule in the universe. Often, we cling to old, worn-out things because we are afraid to embrace the new and often unknown. Creating a vacuum applies to all areas of our lives. This has to be done frequently throughout our life. First, start with areas that seem insignificant. Clean out your car, your desk drawers, your closets and all the physical crooks and crannies in your surroundings. Don’t forget the trunk of your car as well as your wallets and handbags. After you have thoroughly cleaned out these areas donate, throw away, or give away the items that no longer suit you. There are a few guidelines to remember. Anything that makes you: a) feel poor or unworthy, b) has not been used in a year, c) will never be used again, d) makes you feel sad, must be discarded. The emotional attachment, as well as any financial concerns regarding these items, must be released and forgotten. Starting with these areas will result in some immediate improvements in your life. Be honest with yourself. If you feel at all anxious during this process, here is a prayer that may help:

I freely and fully release all worn-out things, conditions, and people who are no longer for my highest good. I freely and fully release them to their highest good and my highest good comes to me with speed, ease, and wisdom.

For some, this will be an easy process, however, for many, it will not be. Just remind yourself that nature abhors a vacuum and is busy creating the appropriate items to replace the ones that no longer suit you. Now the real work begins.

You will also have to take the next step if you are seeking permanent change. You must decide to concentrate on “healing” you. This means you will have to take a break from “fixing” the people around you. Letting others be is a difficult task, but somehow I think they will survive.

You begin this tedious process by discarding relationships, not for your highest good; releasing past hurts and feelings; severing emotional attachments to old lovers; forgiving painful events in the past and casting off old ideas.

All these things, as well as possessions that have outlived their usefulness, block the flow of good in the universe. Dwelling on past events of your life will guarantee that you will continue to relive these experiences. Old feelings and hurts will be cast into all new relationships, causing them to end in the same way. When relationships end, remember the heart is not broken. This is only a signal that it is time to continue your journey on another level. Carry with you only the good, the love you shared. Allow all else to fade into nothingness, for that is truly what it is.

If you are having difficulty determining if your current relationships are toxic, ask yourself if the relationships are abusive in anyway, i.e., physically, emotionally or financially. If the answer is yes, then you have some arduous decisions to make. When we become entangled in toxic relationships (personal, physical, family or professional), our growth is stunted. We try to heal the others, forgetting that the only person we can truly heal is our self. By becoming fully committed to our healing, we will be able to let go of these relationships. Once you have freed yourself, you can begin to grow and your life will be bombarded with miracles. I will not promise this will be easy. Because this is a very difficult step, it will be one of the most rewarding.

Spirit has promised to not fail or forsake us. This applies to all areas of our lives. After you have completed the task and created a vacuum, Spirit will rush in and fill the empty places with wonderful people and delightful things. So do not panic if it looks like you are all alone and do not have a thing to wear.

Remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne. Dream Big! Live the life you have imagined.


Source by Stephanie Wilson-Coleman

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