Is the Wayfinder Wireless Car Thermometer the Best on the Market?


For the money that you’re going to spend, the Wayfinder wireless car thermometer is the best deal for your buck. There are other models on the market that cost a lot more but don’t offer much more than the Wayfinder. It has many standard options and is very simple to install and use.

The Wayfinder wireless car thermometer installs easily on your dash board with suction cups. It is totally self contained and uses batteries for power. There’s no need for wires connecting to the dash for power or temperature readings.

The Wayfinder wireless car thermometer uses an external temperature sensor for outside temperature readings. This external sensor is easy to install. It’s best to install it either in the door jam or attach it to the front bumper. Some customers find installing it behind the front license plate works really well for the most accurate readings.

This model covers a wide temperature range up to 155 degrees. It can read temperatures as low as -35 F all the way up to 120F. It also comes with a useful and precise compass. This model is equipped with the ability to use complex algorithms to take into account the metal in your car and give an accurate compass reading. This same technology is used by Ford, GM, and Chrysler in their factory built cars. So you know it is accurate and reliable. The compass displays a large arrow, 8 cardinal points, and also a digital numeric reading.

The Wayfinder wireless car thermometer also has an ice alert feature that notifies the driver of possible ice conditions on the road when the outside temperature has dropped to 35F and to proceed with caution. It also has a holographic screen for easy reading in the daytime and also has a bright back light for reading at night.


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