Innovative Parking Solutions Helping With Parking Issues


Parking issues can be a menace and most of the time creates a lot of havoc. The government is flooded with complaints as soon as a situation crops up. Instead of calling for help and relying completely on policies some communities use certain creative steps to curb the parking menace. A few ideas are discussed below.

Some churches make it a point to provide free street parking for a particular period of time for individuals visiting the church. They do not have off-street parking. Carpooling is the norm here and parishioners are encouraged to carpool. The Parish also makes it possible for people requiring transport and for people willing to offer transport to contact them so that proper arrangements can be organized. The church also advertises the services on brochures.

Sharing of parking spaces can be a fruitful workout. A company can willfully go into an agreement with another business, for example a company can build a grocery store on the property of a library. This way the parking lot can be shared. An added advantage would be that the people visiting the grocery may want to visit the library too.

These days you see websites being formed that are dedicated to find parking space. One can search for parking lot availability on this website. You can even sell a parking lot that you may own. Businesses with extra parking space can lease or trade the lots to others who have deficit.

Many restaurant owners pay from their pocket these days for valet services to prevent customers from parking within the nearby business for example a shopping mall.

Split user parking can also be very helpful. If a parking lot is completely utilized during the day but free at night, businesses busy at night can make use of the parking lots at night.

Some other communities are planning and encouraging entertainment facilities to gain shared parking. This way spill over parking can be eliminated.

Some individuals are taking to bicycles and asking their owners for bicycle parking facilities instead of car parking. This way they gain health and benefit by being able to travel enjoying the scenic beauty.

Some other churches provide shuttle services which hugely prevent overcrowding and therefore reduce the need for parking spaces.

Many old parking lots are being revamped to incorporate better technology that helps in increasing parking space.

Many other communities are establishing committees to ensure maximum parking standards. Also some cities are working toward making the city a beautiful place so that people would enjoy walking instead of resorting to transportation.


Source by Dhivya Rateesh Nair

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