HHO Hydrogen Conversion Kits Vs Natural Gas Conversion Kits


With all the talk about converting cars to a more fuel efficient vehicle. There are a few simple choices one is the HHO hydrogen conversion kits and the other is the Natural gas conversion kits. Determining which of these kits one would like to place on there favorite car. You would have to weed through a few pros and cons to each of these fuel types.

HHO Hydrogen Conversion Kits Pros

  • Easy to build
  • Cheap to build
  • Small and compact
  • Only emits water for emissions
  • Can be built and placed in car in less then two hours
  • Uses water to make hydrogen
  • You more then likely have every thing need already in your house to build

HHO Hydrogen Conversion kits Cons

  • Not recommended in places with extreme cold
  • To many available kits to choose from may buy one that does not work and is difficult to build

Natural Gas Conversion Kits Pros

  • Good for all seasons
  • Great for the environment

Natural Gas Conversion Kits Cons

  • Can Take several hours to build
  • Big and bulky
  • Expensive to build
  • May need help to build
  • Need to purchase lpg gas or other natural gas to us

Even with these few things about both the hho hydrogen conversion kits and the natural gas conversion kits. You can see a few things where on would be better then the other. Depending on your location and funds available. You may want one over another. With one of the cons for the hydrogen conversion kit as being bad in locations with very cold temps. This also holds true to places with very high temps but there are ways around both issues.

A major con for the natural gas conversion kit is you have to purchase the lpg gas in order to run your car. Even though natural gas is much cheaper then regular gas it can be hard to find a place which sells gas near your location. Maybe one day all of our cars will be running on natural gas which would make our current gas stations convert to natural gas. Until that day we need to make a few choices on what we want to do in the mean time. We all know we want to be more energy efficient with our cars but we all do not have the money to go out a purchase a new car there for we find alternatives to these problems.

Even if you do not have the money now you may want to take some time to consider which of these kits you prefer over the other. Both come with huge benefits we might not b able to pass up soon enough. One of these benefits is recently Obama and other government officials have passed a law in which for the people residing in the us who purchased a conversion kit or have upgraded there car through the cash for clunkers program. Will also be getting a tax credit this up coming tax season. Besides having a fuel efficient car you will pay less for gas. Which to all of us is a huge plus. Depending on which kit you choose you can also expect to see you mechanic less. Hydrogen burns hotter then regular gas. Since it burns hotter it tends to clean out the internal parts to your car. These are just a few things for you to keep in mind when going to an energy efficient car. You have a tough set of choices ahead of you. Although this choice is far better then purchasing a brand new car.


Source by Jason T Tyler

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