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There are a lot of manufacturers of HID’s and there is wide range of Xenon HID’s are available for you to buy. Problem arises when you to go to the market or an online store and find hundreds of HID kit models and off course it is very difficult for anyone to choose a best quality economical HID kit for his vehicle. HID kits are different for each vehicle and also for each vehicle model, for example if you want to buy a HID light for your car, you must have to know about the make and model of your car as a kit of one make or model doesn’t fit for other makes.

As earlier stated that market is flooding with HID’s and now it is difficult for customer to decide what to buy and what will be best for his vehicle. A lot of models for HID’s are available and here I am sharing some good known and best of HID kits in the market for your vehicle.

McCulloch HID:

This HID kit is very different from a lot of kits available in the market. In McCulloch HID kit the bulbs are genuine McCulloch accompanied with IV generation ballasts. For easier installation bases can be molded easily for proper fitting. This HID kit is not designed to blind the traffic coming against you but will only gives you a brighter look of road. Along with traditional wiring, McCulloch HID kit provides a wiring harness that gives power to bulbs directly from battery. These kits and wirings are completely water proof and heat resistant. McCulloch kit is more expensive than other kits available in the market.

Xenon Depot HID:

The xenon Depot HID kit includes original Philips bulbs with slim Philips XLD 145 ballasts that provide perfection of performance to the user. Fitting of this kit is also easy as the bases can be easily molded for custom installation. Xenon Depot HID with all its equipment is also water and heat resistant. A xenon Depot lakes on cost as it is much expensive.

Helios HID:

Another famous name for HID light is Helios and the Helios HID’s are very well known in the market for their best quality and performance. Helios HID light contains 35W HID that is four times more brighter than that of standard halogen headlight. It has a much longer projection distance than other kits. The life of the bulbs of Helios bulbs is also four time longer than the ordinary HID bulbs. With its weather proof parts, Helios kit is best for performance and work nicely in any weather conditions. The bad thing about this is its cost, which is more than many others in the market.

Xtreme HID:

This xenon HID is manufactured with extreme quality Japanese parts and Xtreme HID is best option but is somehow costly than other kits. Xtreme xenon bulbs are calibrated with lasers for correct beam patterns and full performance. The ballasts of this kit are also water proof and heat resistant as all quality HID light. Xtreme kits are very famous in the US market. Cost is not reasonable in many cases for this.

ProLumen HID:

If you are looking for xenon kits that can survive in different weather conditions, here you have ProLumen kit is one of the best kits available in the market. Its bulbs are three times brighter than the traditional bulbs used in halogen headlights and you will get a clearer and brighter road to drive at night. The ProLumen gives you a safe drive at night with its bright 2 Xenon Bulbs, 2 powerful ballasts, 2 xenon igniters, 2 ballast brackets and a user manual that enhances that use and guides you during the each step of installation of this Xenon light. This has great features but also cost is high for this.


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