Annual Blow-By Test On Your Heavy Diesel Truck For Peace Of Mind


One of the most helpful inventions ever created by the human creativity is the heavy diesel truck. And keeping your heavy diesel truck’s good condition requires you to take care of your engine from negative events such as Blow-By. It is without a doubt that to clear out your mind from engine anxieties, you need to have an annual Blow-By test on your heavy diesel truck. Getting your truck tested annually will maintain the truck’s optimum performance and your ultimate production.

So, what do you mean by Blow-By anyway? The answer is simple. When there is wear in a diesel engine, then Blow-By is the result. Normally, Blow-By negatively affects the vehicle’s performance and any other machines’ performance that make use engine power. When the engine is new then the rings and cylinders need to exactly match each other otherwise, there will be unwanted functionality.

By making use of the oil from below the crankcase, the rings create a seal which prevents the oil from going out of the combustion chamber. To fully push the piston downward, the combustion energy of the engine is totally used. You need to know further about engines in order to have an effective Blow-By test. And you may even need to know the engine parts and other systems which are involved in its functions.

To start with, you need to take a closer look at rings and cylinders. The ring involved is actually a spring that effectively presses against the cylinder wall. When you view it from the top, you will notice that the cylinder is round. Whenever there is the piston that moves up and down, there is a functioning ring that rotates around the piston in its groove, and this reduces the uneven wear. The round shape of the cylinder is purposely design that way to give the ring its rotational capability. The ring plays a vital role in every heavy truck’s engines because this seals the oil below and the energy above.

Stuck rings can also cause Blow-By. As what is tackled, the ring is fabricated to rotate around the piston in its groove but when there is excess carbon deposits which are left in the combustion process, rings could not rotate and are stuck. One can also effectively determine the presence of Blow-By with old engines since there could be oil dripping from the engine’s breather tube. Another reason for Blow-By to take its occurrence is excess oil usage or burning oil – oil leak that past the ring and burns in the combustion chamber.

These are just few of the causes and reasons of Blow-By because there are some more. Mentioning all the possible causes may take us more than a day. For now, what you need to do is to know at least the most common causes and learn to prevent them. You have to remember that prevention is still the best remedy even on engine matters. Fortunately, there are lots of ways for Blow-By test for your truck’s engine.


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