A Review of the Toyota Embroidery Machine


The Toyota embroidery machine ESP9100NET is a commercial type machine, although that is not to say that it is not practical for a private person to use if they wish to produce items to sell, if they fancy having a cottage industry for embroidered items.

I will say that perhaps a commercial machine is superior to a domestic machine in that you will have the facility to embroider on difficult items. Hats for instance, caps, bags, pockets etc.

Of course, using this type of machine wouldn’t suit everybody but it is an example of top quality Japanese manufacturing. It will give you embroidering speeds ot up to 1200 stitches per minute, now that is fast.

You can have either 6 or 15 color automatic color changing needle system with a large sized embroidery area of 50cm x 38cm which is standard then you can have an optional attachment which will give you 100cm x 36cm.

There are different ways to control this machine, you can use a PC or laptop computer which would allow the operator to view the design to be embroidered.

You can edit by using software or a USB memory stick and many other ways.

You get a good range of tubular and flat hoops, and something really special – a sequin attachment for those special fancy designs.

There are attachments for this machine that make it possible to work on horse blankets or carpets, football boots, training shoes and belts.

This is such an easy machine to use that it is claimed to be the best package available today.

This machine will give you maximum versatility for embroidery. Name tags, corporate logos or any kind of design can be embroidered onto anything you like.

The Toyota EXP9100NET is light enough and portable enough for you to take it anywhere. Perhaps you are going to a trade fair – take it with you, demonstrate to prospective customers just what you will be capable of producing.

Maybe you are just thinking of starting an embroidery business, I would advise that you check out the Toyota embroidery machine EXP9100NET before you decide on any other brand.

This machine is an upgrade to the ESP9000 machine which was a very successful machine. You can expect to find new electronics, new accessories, new motors and new production control software.

With this machine, even though it is reasonably small, you could easily start up a quite lucrative venture from the comfort of your own home.


Source by P. Hamilton

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