5 Ways to Poison, Maim, and Kill Yourself


We are so focused on fossil fuel emissions that are poisoning and killing us, that we are blind to the contaminants in our house. There are poisons we are using every day and we don’t even realize they are have invaded our homes. This is an occasion when myopia is a virtue. You and I have been taken for suckers for too long. These are the sources that are poisoning, maiming and killing you.

Take Your Medicines

Pharmaceutical drugs are Poisons although we call them medicines. You and I bought into the story of these instant cure medicines because we became lazy and wanted instant gratification for our maladies, little realizing that the medicines were supposed to be a temporary relief. We forgot that for long term wellness, we had to change our ways.

We forgot that all illnesses are due to our wanton carelessness or carefree lifestyle. Most of us still have wool pulled over our eyes and can’t see through the yarn spun by Big Pharma. If Big Pharma was as successful as they claim, why haven’t their truck loads of heart disease drugs stopped the still accelerating heart disease rates worldwide?

Why do their painkiller drugs kill people? Heard of the rotavirus vaccine causing babies intestines to tangle up and die? How do you maim yourself with drugs? The erection producing drug causes certain heart disease patients to actually get a heart attack. And then there is a anti-diabetes drug causing develop heart disease? And there are tomes more…

Drink Milk

Fortified milk brands are sprouting all over the dairy product aisles, like seeds sprouting after a shower.

Why do we need to fortify milk? When I was young I was told that milk was the perfect food. How do you fortify a perfect food? What is missing that needs to be replenished?

Big Dairy is pumping up food that’s dead. Nutrients have been destroyed while being heated and pasteurized in their factories. Make no mistake, fortified milk doesn’t fortify you. It merely conceals the dead food the chemicals are in.

You can test this yourself. Buy a carton of fortified or any packaged milk and take it to a farm. Take a swig from the milk that comes directly from the udder of the cow and from your carton of milk. You will instantly taste the difference.

Not only does milk from Big Dairy taste flat, the fortifying chemicals are poisoning you slowly. We have no idea what the fancy named fortifying chemicals do in the long term, because unlike the drug industry, the dairy products don’t have any clinical trials to pass.

Eat Your Vegetables and Fruits

Produce from the farms of huge agriculture companies are devoid of minerals that vegetables and fruits are supposed to transfer to us. Modern agricultural methods have depleted the soil. The plow, artificial pesticides and artificial manure have bleached our produce. Discovery of agriculture spelled our doom and caused the explosion of modern day diseases. Our prehistoric ancestors didn’t suffer from our maiming and killer diseases. Every non-infectious disease (and some infectious ones like salmonella, typhoid, hepatitis A and traveler’s diarrhea) is caused by our suicidal eating habits.

You can also taste the difference between produce from big farms versus the organic products.

Always buy packaged foodstuff

Have you noticed that many packaged foods are also fortified? It’s the same reasons as for Big Dairy. Breakfast cereals proclaim their products pack a nutrient-packed punch, when they are only able to deliver a weak stir. Many of them don’t even resemble anything we recognize as foodstuff. Some of them look like the droppings of prehistoric reptiles. And we feed our children this garbage!

Use chemical laced personal care items

Some years back lipsticks were laden with lead and the discovery of the deadly effects of lead, lead to their disuse. Now everyone thinks that lead was the only poison used in the personal care industry. There are many more and they have exotic names that you need a degree in Latin to pronounce.

For example, many shampoos and skin care products have SLF (sodium lauryl sulphate) that damages your immune system. There are many more additives in personal care products whose dangers we still are in the dark about.

Do you feel like a slug living in a cess pool? If you follow my advise here you can still gain radiant health:

– switch as many products to natural alternatives as fast as you can

– detoxify yourself of the accumulated poisons

– avoid processed foods as much as possible and eat the right ones

– do natural exercises

You can achieve breakthrough health if you are disciplined and committed to it.


Source by James T Pereira

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