Why Use Car DVR


As the technological boom continues it is opening up possibilities in a range of sectors, not least in home and personal security. Cameras have become ever more compact, lightweight, and high quality, meaning that a car DVR is now a viable option for automobile security. A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is not a new technology, but its compact and high quality nature now brings a new added security to cars.

The obvious reason to use a car DVR system is to keep your automobile safe, with so many different ways your vehicle can come to harm; the DVR is a potent tool. If your car has been hit while you were away from it, you can take a look at the video recording to see exactly what happened, whether it was an accident or not. It would also be possible to take the registration number of any car that had hit you, regardless of whether the driver knew they had or not.

Many automobile owners are the victim of crime, and a car DVR can help to catch anyone who performs a felony against your car. The crime may take the form of simple vandalism, something like running a key down the length of your car, a well-positioned camera would allow you to see and possibly identify the person responsible. Likewise a more serious crime like theft from your car or a stolen car could be recorded by the car DVR, allowing you to positively identify the perpetrator, or at least have the video as evidence.

However, a car owner would rather have no crime committed against them, and the car DVR can be the perfect deterrent to criminals. These days DVR systems for cars are suitably compact, meaning they can typically be hidden somewhere on the car and stay concealed to anyone who does not know they are there. If you want the camera to act as a deterrent, you do not have to reveal it; you simply place a sticker on your car (usually the window) saying that your car is DVR protected. This is usually enough for any potential criminals to not target your car.

The last reason why you should use a car DVR is because it can help in tight parking situations. If you are in the town or city you will know how awkward it can be to park sometimes, the side mirrors are never quite enough to fit into those tight spaces. However if you have a screen in your car it is possible to hook up the DVR system and create a live feed, where a well-positioned camera could aid you in parking.


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