Why Get a Commercial Driver’s License?


What is a Commercial Driver’s License?

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a license issued within the United States that enables a person to operate any type of vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lb or over. A CDL would enable a person to drive vehicles such as: tractor trailers, tow trucks, or buses that are designed to carry 16 or more people.

What are the Benefits of Having a CDL?

Times are in demand for professional drivers. If a person is looking to receive a job there are many opportunities for the person that has a CDL. One advantage of having a CDL is that it can be used in many fields of work. Many people might instantly think of truck driving when they think of a CDL, but there is much more to it than just that. As one example consider a construction company. A contractor would be more interested in you as an employee if you had your CDL because when the circumstance came up where they needed someone to deliver supplies that required a Commercial Vehicle, you would be ready to perform the task. Obtaining a CDL will certainly increase your chances of receiving a job with a prospective employer. There are many fields that require a CDL. When you receive your CDL many doors to employment are opened to you.

What Steps Are Involved In Receiving a CDL?

First a prospective driver must pass three required written tests. The General Knowledge, Combination Knowledge and Air Brake Knowledge tests are mandatory written tests that must be passed to receive your Class A CDL Permit. The permit will allow you to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) on public roads as long as you are accompanied by a person having their CDL. Second, you must schedule a driving test at the testing facility. This test will include a pre-trip inspection, a skills test, and an over-the-road test. Once you have passed all three sections of the test you will be issued your CDL. You can then legally operate a CMV on public roads.

What If I Do Not Have a CMV to Take the Test With?

There are many Commercial Driving Schools around the country which will teach prospective drivers how to operate a commercial vehicle. The training usually lasts 3-4 weeks. There are alternatives to Commercial Driving Schools. If someone has had experience in professional driving or they simply want a CDL to increase their chances of getting a job, they may want to rent a vehicle and receive instruction for one day so that they will be able to get their CDL.


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