What Your Brake Pads and Parts Say About Your Vehicle


While brake pads are almost invisible compared to the size of an entire vehicle, you can only ignore them at your own risk. They hold the key to safety of even the most experienced drivers. Brake Pads and Parts of your vehicle communicate the condition of your vehicle and can be used to judge the level of safety.

Choosing the Best Pads

There are thousands of parts available in the market. Some are genuine with an even wider variety of imitations. The imitations are done so perfectly that it would be difficult to distinguish them from the originals. Here are tips that will help you get the best original parts and pads for any vehicle.

Know your vehicle model- vehicle parts are designed specifically for particular models and vehicle types. Brake Pads and Parts for a saloon car differ from those of heavy commercial vehicle even if the model is the same. Though you may use parts from a different vehicle model if the specifications tally, the performance might differ. Ensure that you select pads or parts that fit your vehicle.

Buy original pads and parts– vehicle manufacturers recognize that vehicle parts and pads wear out. They therefore provide replacements that are similar to original parts. The market has also witnessed a flood of imitations which are of a lower quality. Though their prices are lower, they will compromise the performance of your vehicle and may lead to fatal road accidents.

Use a dealer– buying vehicle parts is not an easy task. The parts appear similar or vary slightly in dimensions. They are therefore likely to confuse you when buying which will eventually affect the performance of your vehicle. A dealer understands different vehicles and the parts available in the market. He is therefore better positioned to advise on the pads or parts to buy.

Invest in parts and brake pads– quality parts are sold at a premium. To get the best in the market, you must be ready to pay the price. Using low quality parts may damage your vehicle further, leading to heavier losses. It is better to pay a higher price on parts other than bear the cost of repairing extensive damage to the rest of the vehicle.

Durability of any part depends absolutely on maintenance. Even the highest quality will be damaged if proper maintenance does not happen. What steps can you take to make your vehicle parts last long?

Maintenance– do not wait for the vehicle to break down before visiting the garage. It might stall on the road and even cause a fatal accident. The secret is to be strict on maintenance schedule as indicate in the vehicle manual. Maintenance also involves oiling the moving parts and cleaning areas that are exposed to contaminants like dust.

Proper use– there are brake pads for each type of vehicle. Heavy commercial vehicles use a different material, size and mechanism compared to saloon and sport cars. This aspect must be maintained all through. Instant braking must be avoided at all cost. It quickly damages the pads.

It is not mandatory to visit a garage or engage a professional mechanic when changing your brake pads. If you have the time and necessary tools, it will take a few minutes to an hour to complete the task. Some of the tools you require include:

Jack and jack stand

Lug wrench

Disposable mechanic gloves

A turkey buster to be used in drawing brake fluid

A piece of string, bungee cord or plastic tie

An adjustable, open or socket wrench

You will also need new pads that fit the specifications of your vehicle. Considering that you are DIY in order to save money, the money can be used to purchase high quality pads. Original parts save you money in the long run. You will also need a can of brake fluid either as replacement or to store the existing fluid before returning it.

The parts must be opened procedurally to avoid breaking them. Turn the wheel such that the entire part is easily accessible. Change one wheel at a time. All nuts and screws must be replaced and tightened before returning the wheel. In case you are doubtful about your skills, engage a professional mechanic.

Replacing Brake Pads and Parts can be done as a DIY procedure as long as you understand what is required. Getting genuine parts, regular maintenance and involving professionals will prolong the life of your vehicle. Shoddy work will cause the damage to spill to other areas and thus increase your overall cost.


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