What to Do When Your Car Is Pulled Over by Police


In general, there is no difference between the model, make and type of vehicle you choose to operate: if you intend to drive recklessly, be it behind the wheel of a car, truck, SUV, ATV, RV or motorcycle, be prepared to dish out a lot more for your vehicle’s commercial or personal insurance policy premiums. Auto quotes and rates typically escalate as a result of police summonses and collisions that you have liability for. Aside from that, there is another aspect in regard to dealings with a law enforcement officer when it comes to motor vehicles – and that is the way you conduct yourself when pulled over for a traffic infringement.

While US state legislators busy themselves with curbing the violent trend spiked across the nation in regard to police confrontations, there are those that insist education is where change begins. Ideas in fact are being brought to the table in regard incorporation of classes that teach drivers how to act and speak to a policeman or woman when pulled over for a traffic violation.

The leading insurance companies and agencies advise motorists to be courteous and respectful while following the police officer’s requests at all times. These basic guidelines can help you properly respond to an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

The Correct Way to Interact with the Law

• Immediately after noticing a police car’s signal to pull over, slow down and safely stop at the side of the road while waiting for the police officer to approach the side of your car.

• Once your car is parked on the side, roll down the driver’s window, turn off the car’s engine and switch on interior car lights. Then, place both your hands conspicuously on the wheel.

• Take out your license, registration and insurance papers only when asked to do so by the officer.

• Answer all questions posed by the police officer in a courteous, polite and respectful tone. Do not attempt to interrupt the officer. Do not quarrel with the officer.

• Never attempt to walk out of your car without being asked to do so by the officer. If you are requested to exit your vehicle by the officer, make sure to appear calm and collected so that you will not be suspected of contemplating a violent act.

• Keep in mind that you have your rights. One of them is remaining silent if you choose to do so. Nonetheless, remain civil, considerate and respectful at all times.


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