What Is Better: DIY Moving or Moving With the Help of Professional Movers?


The first challenge you are facing with after you have decided to move is choosing the way of your relocation: whether you are doing it yourself or with the help of professional moving company.

Each way of relocation has its benefits and in order to choose the right one you have to answer some questions about your removal.

  1. How much time can you spend on the relocation process?
  2. What’s your budget for the moving?
  3. What is the difficulty of relocation: distance of transportation and an amount of property?
  4. Do you have some friends to help you?
  5. Can you find an equipment that is necessary for the relocation: dollies, pads, etc.

Professional Removalists vs DIY moving

Hiring a professional moving company is a smart move that can release you from most of the relocation stress. Many companies provide a full range of services including packing, loading, driving, assistance in furnishing the new house etc.

  • Relocation Time

Moving and packing specialists substantially reduce the period of relocation. A reliable company thinks through a detailed relocation plan beforehand. It helps to perform the removal efficiently. Wide experience helps the movers carry out the relocation swiftly and smoothly, including taping, boxing, loading and dealing with bulky items.

It you do it yourself, you will spend hours planning the move, packing and loading the truck. If you can afford to spend your time on solving relocation issues the DIY moving is relevant. But if you have to move your whole house in another state, the planning, packing and the move itself can take weeks. Professional movers surely would do it quicker.

  • Finances

The quote of every company depends on the relocation distance, time of the move and the number of people you hire. In the majority of cases, independent move is cheaper even considering the necessity to buy some tools and equipment. But sometimes the difference is so insufficient that it’s wiser to hire movers and the truck than do it all yourself.

To make the right choice you have to collect the quotes of moving companies and make an approximate evaluation of DIY moving. Then compare the two figures. The resulting figure is the money you save if you spend several days planning, packing and unpacking everything yourself.

  • Relocation Complexity

The time and efforts you are spending depend on the volume and type of your belongings as well as the distance of the delivery. In case of an interstate relocation of a family house, the assistance of a professional moving company is considered to be not only useful but vital.

However, if you only need to move several blocks away and your property fits in one or two cars you can try to cope with it using your friends’ help.

  • Movers vs. Friends

Of course professional movers’ help is more expensive, but on the other hand, they are always in time for the move, have all the necessary equipment and bring the truck with them. Not to say, that their experience and skills allow them to work fast and pack everything carefully so nothing is damaged during the move.

On the other hand, if the movers are not well-trained, they will bring more troubles than benefits. Also, working with friends and family is more comfortable and much cheaper.

  • Equipment for the Move

Before the removal day you need to make sure that you have everything for the packing, loading and furniture disassembling. In case you hire a moving company, you get the movers, truck and the tools. But when you move independently you have to find everything yourself. Buying everything is quite expensive, but you can ask your friends if they have some equipment.


When you move, everything depends mostly on your wish to spend time on packaging and loading. If the relocation isn’t difficult and you have enough helpers, you don’t need to spend money for a moving company. But in case of a long-distance moving it would be better to hire experts. It will save you some time to deal with more important issues and also release you from much stress.


Source by Oksana Trapianok

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