What is a Mystery Shopper – Get Paid to Go Shopping on Your Schedule


Your asking yourself what is a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers are undercover customers who gather information about quality, service, cleanliness and other issues on behalf of business owners. Mystery shoppers go into stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, spas, and all kinds of businesses posing as customers asking questions, making purchases, returning merchandise and other things that regular customers do, but with a twist.

Afterward, the mystery shopper completes a report form. As a mystery shopper you’re not saying what you thought about the experience; you are reporting what happened. Most of the questions on a mystery shopping report are yes/no questions. Were you greeted within 30 seconds? Was the cashier polite? Was your order run up correctly? Were you given a receipt? Most companies have their mystery shopping programs managed by companies that specialize in mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers may be male or female. What they have in common is that they all have good communication skills, they care about customer service, and they enjoy helping businesses improve while making money in their spare time.

What is a mystery shopper in simple terms. A mystery shopper, also called secret shopper or shopper, pretends to be an actual or potential customer of a business. Depending on the research assignment, you will be asked to act like a real customer of the business – try on a wedding dress, test drive a truck, stay in a motel, open a checking account, eat in a restaurant, buy a bicycle, even apply for apartment rental. For example read the New York Times article about a New York Woman that makes $7000.00 per month by mystery shopping! Not everyone makes that much, but I can guarantee that if you like to shop and would like to get paid for it, then mystery shopping is the perfect job for you.


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