What Are the Different Types of Catering Operations?


Catering operations are quite wide-ranging and include the special events, business activities, mobile services, and industrial. In the process of hiring the services of the caterers it is crucial to hire the professional and reputable companies to make sure the food servicing aspect of the event goes as smooth as possible. Here are some of the most popular catering services –

Special Event

A special event catering company is likely to offer the all-inclusive services for the large-scale parties, receptions, anniversaries, and weddings. Special event operations involve both the service and presentation side of providing a stunning menu. Many companies are also involved in certain aspects of arranging the event, such as providing creativity for planning and decorating the event. Also, they can help with introducing other services such as those relating to florists, rental companies, and musicians. The special event caterer is likely to specialize in one of the particular types of services, while other companies might be more versatile and tailor to several event requirements.


A business catering service is intended to offer the style of food favored at corporate parties, conferences, training sessions, lunches, and business meetings. This is one area of the catering industry that is in very competitive and in great demand with the ability to enjoy year-round catering opportunities. It is important to prepare the more popular types of foods for these events since it is necessary to please everyone that is attending these corporate events and meetings.


A mobile catering service isn’t likely to be conducted through prior contact, but more relates to the mobile truck or van traveling to specific locations with the right food and equipment on board. Mobile catering services might relate to parking-lot vendors, meals-to-go services, farmers markets, fairs, and festivals. A fully equipped mobile catering unit is required for the professional offering this particular type of food service. A quality aspect of the mobile catering service is the often low set-up costs due to the part-time and small-scale nature of the business.


A catering service involved the industrial area is certain to offer meals for airlines, universities, factories, prisons, hospitals, schools, and similar institutions. Many of the industrial caterers agree semi-annual or annual contracts with the different companies to help provide the more stable and long-term employment. Serving the food isn’t a requirement with the industrial caterers since the prepared food is passed on to the institutions are served generally in the cafeteria style.


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