Understanding the Different Types of Wheel Covers


With their round shapes and threaded fasteners, wheel covers are easily distinguishable from other types of vehicle accessories. They are also called hubcaps and are often used to cover the central part of the wheels. They prevent dust and other harmful elements from getting into the wheels and eating away their essential parts. Hubcaps, especially those with simple or intricate designs, are also used to enhance the overall look and style of a vehicle. Because of these functions, many vehicle owners are already using hubcaps.

The growing demand for hubcaps has led to the establishment of various hubcap stores. These days, there is a huge market for hubcaps, making it easier for you to choose the best and most appropriate one for your vehicle. If you go online, it’s not surprising to find that there are hundreds of online hubcap providers. They offer different styles and designs and different kinds of hubcaps for different make and models of cars. You can also find stores that offer factory originals and custom hubcaps as well as used and new hubcaps.

Among the widely-used and most popular types of wheel covers are the OEMs. Purchasing OEM hubcaps means you can save a lot of money, as these are offered at prices a whole lot cheaper than the commercial ones. Also, OEM hubcaps, despite being offered at cheaper prices, are of top-quality.

If you are on a tight budget, you can also choose to purchase used hubcaps. If you are able to find a good store to purchase used hubcaps from, then you are assured hubcaps that are of perfect quality and are offered at the best price. One way to distinguish poor quality from top-quality used hubcaps is to check for dents, cracks, and blemishes.

Hubcaps can also differ according to the manner in which they are placed on the wheels. The first type is called the bolt-on hubcaps, which are manufactured with threaded fasteners to hold the cover in place. The other type is called clip-on hubcaps and is manufactured with spring clips, which can either be made of metal or plastic. These spring clips are the ones that keep the wheel cover in place.

Because wheel covers are also used to improve the overall look and style of a vehicle, they are also available in a huge variety of styles and designs. Choose from antique and classic hubcaps to the more stylish moon hubcaps. Moon hubcaps are the more popular hubcaps when it comes to designs. They are available in two kinds: full moon to cover the wheel’s inner part; and baby moon to cover a lot smaller portion of the wheel. Baby moon hubcaps are best known for providing a slick appearance to a vehicle.

You also have the option to choose as to what type of materials you want your hubcaps to be made of. If you want more flexible hubcaps, there are those that are made of high-grade plastics. Meanwhile, if you are after the style and designs, the chrome-plated hubcaps are popular options. And if you are after the durability of the hubcaps, aluminum and steel are good choices.

With the huge market for hubcaps available today, it’s really impossible for you not to find good wheel covers for your vehicles. While you may find the number of online stores overwhelming, know that the secret to finding the best quality and most appropriate wheel cover to use for your vehicles is to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable hubcap provider.


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