Types of Boom Truck Crane


The boom truck crane is a heavy-duty piece of machinery that is used on a wide range of projects to lift, lower or load heavy objects. The versatile nature of this truck means it is easily adapted or outfitted to match its specific role, such as different material, freight, or transport handling tasks. Plus, it has the ability to travel from site to site with complete ease and set-up is a simple and straightforward process.

The basic parts of this type of truck consist of a turntable, center post, or similar rotating platform, a telescopic or fixed boom, and a control cabin with operating machinery. Plus, for extra stability when lifting or lowering loads, the trucks come with stabilizers and outriggers.

What are the different boom truck crane models?

The main types of a boom truck crane include the swing cab and fixed cab. Each of these vehicles has its own characteristics to make it a practical choice to work on different heavy lifting tasks.

Fixed cab – the fix cab crane is built with a cabin for the operator that is restricted to facing one direction. This does have the benefit of permitting a greater load limit, but it is not so versatile when it comes to mobility. However, this crane still has a boom that can be moved in any direction.

Swing cab – the swing cab is a more versatile design for the truck and makes it possible for the operator’s cabin to move in line with the boom’s movement. A great benefit of this design is the improved vision and greater range of mobility. Plus, this truck can accept different types of booms that range from the telescopic to fixed units. The telescopic booms are preferred for the improved reach and more practical uses.

Other types of boom trucks

There are several other vehicles of this type, including the bucket or aerial trucks. This truck is a practical choice for utility, forestry, and telecom companies that need to perform a variety of jobs at height. The truck has a lifting arm that has a bucket attached to the end. This gives a safe and stable platform for a worker to stand in. For extra safety, the buckets can be made in fiberglass or other dielectric materials to give reliable insulation against electricity.

The attached buckets can also be fitted with a wide range of accessories to make the work environment safer and more convenient. Some of the popular accessories include a bucket step for easier access, a wire dispenser, an air compressor, and a boom strap to secure the operator to the boom to avoid falls.


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