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A driver is a person who drives a particular vehicle. This process is known as driving. Professional driving is not easy at all. It is a highly skilled job. Driving a huge truck is always difficult. To be a good truck driver you should have a valid driving license and good driving skills. A cover letter makes you known to the employer. Writing an effective cover letter is very important in this field.

Now, given below is one of the best sample cover letters for the post of a truck driver:

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Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

With reference to your advertisement in one of the local newspapers for the want of a Truck driver, I hereby present my job application for the same. I really feel that I am an apt candidate for this post. So, please do consider me for this significant position. I have a valid truck driver’s license.

I have worked as a truck driver for about seven years. I worked on several transportation projects in my previous transportation agency. I always make sure that all my licenses are updated on time so that I am aware of the present necessities. I also think it is essential to keep adding up to my skills and have sustained with specialized expansion throughout my livelihood. I have recently completed the training for driving in various routes, which has helped me grow as a truck driver.

My record as a driver is absolutely clean. I am a safe and sound driver. I very well understand the needs of my customers and furnish them consequently. I have the ability to drive under all circumstances. I can even drive large trucks.

So, if you think that there is mutual consent then please contact me on the numbers given above. I really look forward to meet you in the near future. I have enclosed my resume along with this cover letter for your review.

I express my gratitude for considering me for this post.



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