Trick My Truck – Toyota Tundra Performance Add-Ons For Increased Gas Mileage and Horsepower


The new Toyota Trucks are easily the toughest, most powerful vehicles on the road. With the demanding needs of their owners, manufacturers have delivered new and game changing power with its 5.7 Litre V8. Nothing else has come close to it’s massive horsepower and torque advantage. But with this power comes a steep price, fuel economy dwindles rapidly with the rigorous use the use of this new and bold ride. Tundra owners depend on them for their hauling and towing needs, so there has to be some nice aftermarket products one can buy to help leverage better gas mileage. And so, the following are some of the most widely sold products available in the market place to improve not only your Tundra’s horsepower/torque, but also the fuel economy.

The elementary and basic add on these days is a simple high flow/cleanable air filter. Companies such as K&N and Airaid sell these performance filters at most retail outlets including Pep Boys, Autozone, and even Walmart. These air filters are easy to install, usually within 20 minutes and it’s one less piece of maintenance you would have to pay for in the future. The overall cost of just buying this will save you money in air filters over the life of the truck. Toyota Tundra owners will benefit from a 1-3 mpg increase and up to a 20 HP increase as well. And the great thing is, they only cost from $35-55 dollars depending on your individual application. In turn, be sure to add this quick and cheap performance goodie to your list of gas savers.

Another great addition to any year of Toyota Tundra is a that higher flowing custom exhaust. If you thought that new 5.7 sounds good, just wait until you install a custom exhaust system from Flowmaster, Borla, Magnaflow or even TRD. More complete air flow and an efficient system in dispelling burnt gases will up the Horsepower/Torque numbers and you will see a small increase in gas mileage to boot. Most manufacturers have complete, ready to install kits available. Additionally, the kits come complete with all the hardware, mandrel bent pipes, instructions and could be installed in an afternoon’s time with some basic hand tools. As a result, you’ll not only feel and hear the difference of a custom exhaust, but you’ll notice the increase of all the performance numbers.

And lastly, another easy and inexpensive performance item for your new or old Toyota Tundra is a performance chip. Performance chips are specifically designed to flash the truck’s computer to adjust shift points and fuel curves to net driver’s more power and torque. Plus with this easy install, the truck will also have more electronically enhanced transmission shift algorithms to save you on gas. The shifts will go out longer or shorter based on your driving demands. Companies like Hypertech and Superchips make chips for every application and costs no more than $80-125 depending on vehicle type. And so, the performance chip is an easy one man operation that takes minutes to apply.

And that is a small list of quick, cheap, and stress free performance products. With all three installed, most trucks net a 25% better fuel economy and up to 35-50 horsepower increase over the stock numbers. Of course, who doesn’t like a little extra boost in all of these areas?? Recently, there has been this trend of popular hybrid vehicles hitting the road. With the summer fast approaching, and almost certain hikes in gas prices, a hybrid type of Toyota Tundra doesn’t seem like a bad idea. There is a cheap and simple way you can convert your Tundra into a gas saving vehicle for the future gas price increases, and the IRS will even pay you tax credits for driving a clean fuel vehicle. For more information on how to get started and for more information, please visit my site below.


Source by Shaun Patrick Davidson

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