Tornado Protection: How to Save Yourself in a Car


Timely Tornado Tips from the Auto Insurance Pros

Life has its twists and turns. In the case of a tornado, those twists and turns become literal reality. Tornadoes are likely to hit some states, but in reality they can occur anywhere. General safety guidelines direct homeowners to wait the ripping storm out in a basement or storm cellar. However, the option is not always applicable.

For instance, if a motorist and his or her passengers are traveling in a car, bus, truck, van or other vehicle, the danger is escalated. Moreover, there is little time to contemplate a safe plan of action.

Quick thinking – and a little preventive reading before any such situation occurs – is in order. If and when a tornado occurs while on the road, it is advised to get off the road or pull over to the side. If there is a ditch on the roadside or close by, the driver and others with him or her should run to the low-laying land. Once there, they should lay down and cover their heads and necks with their arms to ward off potential injury from flying debris. This mode of action is recommended throughout the entire duration of the twister’s activity.

Those caught in a vehicle at the onset of a tornado that do not see a ditch, should resort to do what’s listed below.

1. Drive off the road.

2. If this is not an option, park on the side of the road.

3. If your seat belt is not in place already, make sure to buckle up.

4. Glide downward in your seat until your head is well below window level.

5. Drape a blanket or any other protective material over your face and head.

6. If you do not have any protective covering for your face and head, cover them with your arms to shield against the possibility of debris breaking the car windows and falling within the vehicle.

7. Resist the urge to park underneath an overpass. Despite prevalent thought, parking under an overpass does not protect you. On the contrary, it only creates a more dangerous situation – one where the likelihood of wind force increase is more possible, followed by the perils involved.

8. Stay in the crouched low position until the tornado danger has passed.

9. Once it is safe, you can resume driving or leave your automobile.

Side note: Be aware that, as opposed to standard home insurance, a liability only auto insurance policy will not cover tornado damages. To be sure of coverage, you must acquire a comprehensive auto plan.


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