The Tree of Life Tapestry Art Captures Our Hearts


Deep thoughts and the beauty of interpretation comes with the many meanings of The Tree of Life. To look upon the many artists masterpieces in their artwork that symbolizes the Tree of Life it is fascinating and fun. Thus we shall look at the Tree of Life Tapestry Art and how it captures our hearts.

Best known is perhaps William Morris’s version of the Tree of Life with it’s medieval style. It was William Morris that let his imagination design the work of art that was originally woven into a tapestry instead of a painting.

Most tapestries are woven from a design that is taken from a painting by another artist. William Morris created his design and woven them and is a legendary man who pushed the fine woven goods into the world as we know them today.

The Tree of Life is symbolic in many cultures and is studied in science, religion, philosophy, mythology, and other schools of thought. The basic belief for most is the Tree of Life is symbolic of growth, immortality, resurrection and the promise of continuous life. The tree is the link to heaven and earth and the underworld. It’s quite magical when you think about all it represents.

The branches and leaves reach to the heavens where the truck stands strongly on the earth and it’s roots dive deep into the underworld. The Tree of Life Tapestry Art seems to capture the life and beauty surrounding our thoughts.

From Klimt’s Art Deco styles to William Morris’s medieval stylish designs to modern and fanciful versions by Natasha Wescoat we find that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s fun to have a variety of choices and styles in the artistic interpretation for this culturally rich symbolic tree.

The Tree of Knowledge, The Cosmic Tree, The Acacia Tree of Saosis (Egyptian), Celtic Tree of Life, and other names from different cultures all tie to the Tree of Life. They are variations or taking a slightly different slant on the meaning and symbolism of this tree. This is shown in the Tree of Life Tapestry woven from the variety of artists paintings.

Color, composition, style and design all take a part in the look that seems please the owner of these inspiring and beautiful Tree of Life Tapestry wall hangings. It’s nice to have so many choices when it comes to such a thought provoking work-of-art.


Source by Alex Hanson

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