The Nissan Navara – How is it As a Ride?


As a double cab, Nissan navara has an advantage over others when it comes to car size. And though, it is not always true that bigger is better, when it comes to vehicles specifically for loads, it definitely make sense. Because of that, it had been favored by many who are looking for vehicle that is truly apt for work.

Basically, it is built in Spain. It is of the same production line with Pathfinder, one of those to which it is being often compared with. As it is very important today to wisely pick the car that you will be having, it is being dubbed as the best that you can have as it is being claimed to combine both luxury and quality.

However, there would always be two sides in a story. If there are those who favor and appreciate it, naturally, there are also those who got negative things to say about it. That is just normal though as no car is really perfect. There would always be flaws and drawbacks that can be seen in different perspectives.

If you can live through the drawbacks of Nissan Navara though, it can be a very useful pick up to use. One of its strengths is the fact that it is a spacious car that can carry quite a load. It is very much suitable to businesses and other specific tasks as moving furniture and transferring products.

To know how great or not-so great of a ride is Nissan Navara is, it is important to check on its features and capabilities. There are three points that can be used as basis of the judgment.

  • Load Space – As been mentioned earlier, it has a more space for loads than other double cabs. It even has an additional feature of self-locking cleats for securing loads. This keeps from rolling about from one to another which can possibly cause damages.
  • Appearance and Features – Though Nissan Navara is one that can be considered as a workhorse of a vehicle, it has a nice exterior and interior design. It is of smooth silhouette with fog light, roof rail, automatic headlights and washer and even electric windows and mirrors. Inside, it had upholstered seats, CD player, bluetooth connectivity, remote central locking and even satellite navigation. And so it can basically provide the comfort and convenience other luxury cars can give.
  • Engine – Generally, Nissan Navara is not really a quiet car. However, its engine is more powerful than other of its category. And though it runs in diesel, it can be pretty powerful.

As a summary, the Navara has both advantages and disadvantages but the former outweighs the latter. Though it is more of a car of functionality, it is able to provide luxury and comfort to its passengers. And with that, Nissan Navara makes quite an impressive ride.


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