The Most Popular 25-Tonne Tipper Trucks in India


Ranging from trailers, tippers, to rigid and long haul variants, there are a variety of trucks available in the market. Each of these offer a specific functionality and carrying capacity. Gone are those days when trucks were outfitted with side boards for carrying sand and other construction materials, which was unloaded manually by the laborers at the construction sites. Today, these have been replaced by tippers, which are widely used in mining, construction, garbage handling, port applications, and bulk material handling activities. Below is an insight on the most popular tippers having a gross vehicle weight of 25 tonnes:

Ashok Leyland U-2518IL T HD

Powered by an H Series, turbocharged, intercooled, engine, the U-2518IL T HD from the house of Ashok Leyland offers a maximum power of 180 HP @ 2400 RPM and torque of 660 Nm @ 1500 – 1700 RPM. With an axial type 381 mm dia clutch and wheelbase of 3900 mm, the vehicle can run at a speed of 67kmph. It is primarily used for carrying stone, limestone, and iron & ores.

Bharat Benz 2523 C

Equipped with a 6373 cc engine with 6 cylinders, the Bharat Benz 2523 C renders a maximum power of 231 HP @ 2200 RPM and torque of 810 Nm @ 1200-1600 RPM. In terms of performance, this heavy duty truck delivers a maximum gradeability of 43.5%, geared speed of a whopping 80kmph, and minimum turning circle diameter of 15.5 metres.

Mahindra Torro 25 202

Boasting of a 202 HP m-Power 210 engine, the Mahindra Torro 25 202 has the capacity to endure the toughest of terrains, while providing a magnificent torque of 920 Nm @ 1250 RPM. Further, the 16 Cu. m. box body provides enhanced load carrying capacity. Other features include ergonomic cabins, comfortable 3-way adjustable seats, 2 way interactive communication, factory-fitted fans, and much more.

Tata LPK 2518 TC

Exhibiting great fuel-efficiency and superlative performance, the Tata LPK 2518 TC comes with a 183 HP Tata Cummins Engine for high productivity, 6-speed gearbox for smooth gear shifting, and 380mm clutch for greater power transmission. It is available in two variants, one is the 14 Cu. m. box Body which can be used for sand carrying and road construction activities, and the other is the 20 Cu. m. box body which is used in transporting coal, fly ash, and allied items.

Apart from the above-mentioned vehicles, the other products in this segment include MAN CLA 25.220, Eicher Terra25 HD, and more. Of course, the ultimate decision depends upon the budget, brand preference, and the business requirements.


Source by Rajaram Yadav

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