The Different Types of Road Blockers


Being a temporary installation for the purpose of controlling traffic, road blockers perform various other life saving functions. There are various types of road blockers that are used for the purpose of road traffic. These road blockers include: The hydraulic blockers, the anti ram blockers and the security blockers. The security road blockers mainly play the function if ensuring that traffic is secure. They are the common type since anyone who purchases a car must have them intact in case of any road emergencies.

One good type of security blocker is the high security blocker. It is frequently used on roads for the purpose of access control. The concrete blocker is another common type of blocker that is used for the purpose of security. It is normally featured by some yellow and black physical reflector strips. They are known to provide a very high level of security. Their application is during road construction or police security check. The antiterrorist road block is another commonly used road block. This one is normally installed on the ground by the road constructors for the purpose of tracking any illegal persons or terrorists.

The hydraulic road blocker is a perfect type of road blocker that is commonly used for electro hydraulic purposes. With this type of road block, no car can be able to access the blocked route. It helps in maintaining the motorist speed in order to prevent accidents. This type of road block is also used for the purpose of controlling gangways together with parking lots perhaps in a home or industrial setting. The Hydraulic road block is normally designed with some rising kerbs that are sharp-pointed in order to perfectly prevent any vehicle from accessing that particular route that has been blocked. In America the anti ram road block is normally used for controlling traffic. The block looks like a long string that is laid across the road to prevent cars from accessing a certain blocked route.


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