The Dangers of Bull Bars in Road Traffic Accidents


Do you know what a bull bar is? Many SUVs have bull bars on the front of their vehicles in an effort to protect their cars and their passengers in the event of a collision with an animal.

What Do They Look Like?

A bull bar is a device that is fitted on the front of the SUV. It does not come standard on the vehicle, it is added to the vehicle. These bars vary in size and shape, however they are usually made out of welded steel or aluminum tubing.

Why Are They Controversial?

In the UK and the rest of Europe bull bars remain controversial. Although many claim that these devices are helpful at preventing injuries, reports indicate that they actually cause many deaths. On average, over 2,000 people in Europe die as a result of a collision with a bull bar and an additional 18,000 people are seriously injured.


The major people that seem to be at risk when it comes to these common bars are pedestrians. Because the majority of them are constructed of metal, if they were to be hit by a car with a them attached, their injuries could be fatal. However, some people argue that the new technology of the these bars is safer for pedestrians. Yet, if this is true, than how could they still be effective at preventing collisions with animals?

Do They Make Cars Safe?

While there may be some potential benefits to using a bull bar on your car, the costs seem to outweigh them in this situation. The research seems to show that motorists can injure the lives of others on the road when they drive with thesel bars on their car. It is not safe or fair to the other drivers on the road because the metal does not crash well and can do serious harm to others on the road including pedestrians.

When They Make Sense?

Why then do people use these bars if they are not safe? The truth is they make sense for some cases. If you do a lot of off road driving and you may be at risk for running into animals, then you should place a bull bar on your SUV. However, if you are going to be driving around the streets of England, then you will be risking the lives of others by driving with a bars like this on your car. Therefore, try to think before you act. Remember, you are not the only person on the road and part of being a good driver means taking responsibility for not only yourself but also the others on the road. This is a decision that every good driver makes daily. You can do it as well. Good luck.


Source by Tom Sangers

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