The Benefits of a Hand Car Wash


Our cars are more than just a way for us to get from point A to point B. They are an essential part of our lives. Our cars reflect our personalities and interests. We choose our gasoline based on which brand will help extend the life of the engine. We buy seat covers to protect the upholstery, and sun shades to protect the dashboard. Some people even name their cars. But despite the obvious attachment we have to our vehicles, all too often people neglect the important task of keeping their cars clean.

You might be one of the many people who are in the habit of washing your car at home. Think twice before hauling out the sponge and bucket again. Hand washing, done improperly, can damage your car’s exterior. The grit and dirt clinging to the paint can easily cause scratches. The wrong sort of sponge or soap can also cause damage, or dull the color. Over time, the grime that builds up can even cause corrosion. While this may seem like merely an aesthetic problem, a car with a lackluster exterior will have a depreciated resale value later on. Given how much expense you’ve put into keeping your car running smoothly, doesn’t it make sense to further protect your investment?

Getting your car washed professionally isn’t just good for your car – it’s good for the environment, too. On average, a professional car wash uses about half as much water as it takes to wash your car at home. That means a lower water bill for you, and a lower impact on the planet.

So why choose a hand wash over an automatic wash? The benefit lies in the attention to detail. Nothing gets things cleaner than a person working on a car with their own two hands. Additionally, some of the circular brushes and scrubbers used by automatic washes can be abrasive over time. A good hand wash is gentle enough to protect your paint, and ensures that from headlights to bumper, your car comes back to sparkling.


Source by R. M. Chambers

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