The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones Relative to Other Phones


There can be little doubt that in the last few years there has been a tech boom, now people can watch movies and surf the internet on a portable tablet, and do things on the move thanks to super-fast mobile internet speeds. The result has seen the mobile phone turn into a mini computer and entertainment centerall rolled into one, and these new smartphones have become the current tech trend. However, as smartphones assert their dominance on the mobile phone marketplace, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of device?


Size: The whole idea of the mobile phone is for it to be as the name suggests, mobile, and at the turn of the century the top phone manufacturers seemed to be adhering to this. The newest and best models were ever smaller in a bid to reach a more compact state for customers who wanted their phone to fit into their pocket and be as light as possible. However with the technology boom of the early century, a need was created for more techs to be placed within a phone, and the result is the colossal size of the smartphone, which is not very compact at all.

Not a phone: New phones on the market now cram so much technology into one device that the fact that it is a phone becomes an unimportant thing, especially with the advent of social messaging. Many people who are not fans of the smartphone will ask why a phone cannot just be a phone, and maybe there is some merit in the notion that those older devices did have something of a plain functionality about them that made them cool.


Technology: As much as technology and putting too much on a phone dilutes the experience for a customer looking for a simpler experience, it is also a major advantage for those looking for something more. Simply put, a smartphone is now a device that covers all bases, music and video players, a HD camera, a satellite navigation system, and a high quality gaming device. When considered as a multi-functional media tool, smartphones are great value for money.

Business and social connectivity: If you are a businessman or woman who wants and needs everything organized, then a smartphone is the perfect device, and in many instances has replaced a PDA. Multiple accounts and high speed internet offer seamless service for those on the move in a high pressure world.

Likewise if just keeping in touch with friends on the move is your thing, then the social media aspects of smartphones are apparent. Access Facebook and Twitter accounts with one touch and keep on top of all of your social interactions.

Whether you see the merits of smartphones or not, the fact is they are here to stay, and for fans of these devices they will be waiting to see what developers do next.


Source by Aronno Bhowmick

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