Seven Tips For Ferret Breeders and Why to Use Baby Ferrets For Sale


1. Why as ferret breeders do you want to advertise baby ferrets for sale instead of ferret for sale? It is one of those “marketing pitches,” that uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). If we were to break it down “baby ferrets for sale” it has ferret for sale already in it but when you add baby to anything you get a warm and fuzzy feeling. People will also see “baby ferrets for sale” and get the image of brand new, where as with “ferret for sale” you will actually think of it as someone saying “used car.”

2. As serious ferret breeders you might want to import some ferrets from Europe, European bloodlines are more resilient to adrenal disease as well as a few others. Adrenal disease isn’t as common in European bloodlines so if you were to incorporate the bloodlines to help breed a stronger healthier ferret. What a sales pitch “European baby ferrets for sale.”

3. Tell prospective buyers you Have a ferret for sale and you are a family owned and family friendly breeder, as well as your ferrets are hand raised will bake people. Just knowing a ferret for sale is a family raised ferret and when I say family raised I mean “the ferret Family” and your family which makes me feel better and I see it as a plus. You will have the ferrets a little longer and as the breeder can give the ferrets a little more affection then pet stores that get them at 7-8 weeks.

4. Another good idea for ferret breeders is set up a web page let people know about you. Email shelters, tweet on twitter, join a ferret Facebook group, MySpace groups and the list goes on. It may take a day to registering to the sites, then once a week take 15 minutes and post some info. Your web page can be something small 3-4 pages just so that people will find you. You may not even have a ferret for sale on your web page; it is just info about you and how to contact you.

5. Small ferret breeders might want to specialize in a certain kind, color of ferrets and sometimes even a color pattern. If you are a small ferret breeder you could even breed for size. Emphasizing what might be hot in the ferret shows will increase the price you charge but compared to a pet store your price will probably be better for a couple reasons:

a. The rent is cheaper (low over head).

b. They are rarely spayed, neutered.

c. They are rarely de-scented.

d. The information the new owners get need to get quality not quantity.

6. I would let people know you breed your ferrets naturally not with artificial light. You will only have kits available twice a year and that is the natural ferret cycle. Our ferrets are part of our family not just live stock as some of these ferret farms treat their ferrets. Also let them know you never have and never will sell ferrets to labs for testing and research.

7. If you get information from several sources. You are the expert and what you say they take as gospel. Handouts with important information for new ferret owners will make you more professional. Become a member of associations; rescues even clubs will get your name out as a respectable breeder.

**** The author stress these are only his opinions ****


Source by E. Anthony Gove

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