Searching for Your New Home?: Carefully Consider If The Present Owner CARED


When someone makes that often – life – changing decision, to search for a home of their own, they are often counseled about finances, credit, mortgages, location, and the best Realtor, to select, to make their efforts better and more effective. However, there are some often – considered variables, which may be include certain intangibles, etc. Since you are looking at, what for many, will be their largest, single, financial asset, as well as liability, doesn’t it make sense, to, at least, give it more thought, than you might automatically give, when purchasing a used car? For example, most of us wouldn’t consider purchasing a previously owned vehicle, without inspecting it carefully, and reviewing a CarFax report, which gives one some hint of the history, and care given by previous owners. While nothing like that is generally available about houses, use your eyes and other senses, to consider, whether, and how much, the previous owner CARED about his home, and taking care of it!

1. Choices; cleanliness; characteristics; curb appeal; cement: Avoid the emotional approach, which limits your choices, but rather attempt to objectively consider each potential house. Consider its overall cleanliness, and the care taken. Examine various characteristics, and see if they make sense, in terms of living in the house. How much curb appeal does it possess, because an owner who lacked the pride, or attention, to consider this, may have overlooked other things, as well. Look at the condition of the cement/ concrete, blacktop, etc, and whether their appears to be old cracks, which were ignored.

2. Attention; aroma: Pay attention to how the house feels to you! Do you feel like you’d like to live there? Has the previous owner paid attention to details, and maintenance? Are there any aromas/ smells, which might be some sort of warning sign, especially, in the basement, attic, or rooms adjacent to exterior walls, etc?

3. Reasonable; responsible: Don’t judge a house by the color of the walls, or the carpets, etc. Rather, focus on the overall condition of the home, and whether the owner has seemed to pay, responsible, reasonable care, to maintaining the house and property!

4. Extra; efforts; exists: Look at what exists, from the standpoint of pride of ownership and overall maintenance, not personal taste! Remember, almost everyone paints, etc, when they buy a new home. Does it appear, the homeowner exerted the efforts, to indicate a degree of pride of ownership? Is there any indication, of him, going the extra mile?

5. Delve deeply: Don’t merely trust your own eyes, ears and sense of smell. Always hire the services of a professional Home Inspector or Engineer, to give you a clearer picture of the condition of the house. Delve deeply, and ask yourself, would I be happy living there?

Beware of any house where the previous owner appeared to avoid maintenance and pride of ownership! Ask yourself if it seems, he CARED!


Source by Richard Brody

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