Renting a Moving Truck – What to Know


Many times if you are just moving across town, you will do the move yourself instead of laying out the expense of hiring a moving company for a short move. Some will enlist the help of someone with a pickup truck but most will rent a moving truck so it takes fewer trips to move. Before you rent a moving truck there are things that you need to consider.

Overall size of load

This refers to the size of the stuff that needs to be moved. When renting a moving truck there are different sizes so you want to make sure that you are getting the correct size. If the truck is too big or too small for your needs it can end up costing more because of more trips needed or wasting extra gas. Measure the larger items like appliances and furniture to see just how much room they will take up and then look at the packing boxes. By doing this, it will give you some idea of how much space you will need to make just one trip. The truck size should be a little bigger than your estimates to give you room for error in judging how much space you will need.

Fuel efficiency and mechanical condition

Make sure that you are choosing a trusted rental agency because if you choose a local company or one that is not reputable you may find it breaking down during your move, having brake problems, etc. If you are not sure what to look for when renting a truck bring someone who would with you when you pick up the truck. Have then look at the engine compartment, try out the brakes, and look at the tires. The fluid levels should also be checked. Most moving trucks use diesel fuel but you should check to make sure. Most companies have a policy that when the truck is returned that it has a full tank of fuel so if the fuel gauge is not on the full mark let the agent know.

Extra moving aids

Moving heavy furniture and appliances is made easier if there is a furniture dolly so if one is not in the truck ask if one comes with the rental and if not ask if you can rent one. Most do provide this moving aid for their customers. There should also be an extension ramp at the end of the truck to make moving the heavier items easier. Check to see if the rental includes padding to be used between heavy items and canvas straps to secure the items.

Miscellaneous items

You also need to consider:

• Legal driving requirements

• Financial deposits

• Insurance

• Rental time

• Where you pick up and drop off the moving truck.


Source by Lora Davis

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