My Personal Testimonies of the Power of Gratitude and Attracting Wealth and Abundance


My Sequel Post about How the Power of Gratitude can Work for Attracting Wealth and Abundance…

Since my last post about attracting wealth and abundance through the power of gratitude, I have been blessed with a lot of good things, which of course has inspired me to write another post about this incredible power dictated by physics.

For all you doubters out there, let me remind you that the power of gratitude is part of the law of attraction, which is a physics law, the same as the “universal law of gravitation” and “relatively theory” (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), Sir Isaac Newton. The law of attraction has to do with the relativity theory, and the “reaction” that you get is generated by the thoughts, which is what generates your feelings. The reason why gratitude is such a universal positive force is that it is virtually impossible to feel true and genuine feelings of gratitude about anything without emitting a positive frequency.

Timeless Technique of Attracting Wealth and Abundance…

This power is not at all new, although many of the people of today’s society have fallen away from these beliefs, I’m guessing because many people are so fed up with religious teachings, and controversy about which religion is “right”. But this is not a religious teaching (although you can find phrases in the Bible to back up the theory). It is a physics teaching. And it’s real.

I recently learned that Wallace Wattles wrote a book about the law of attraction in 1910, “The Science of Getting Rich”, where he went into detail on the technique of using gratitude in your life as a way of getting rich. I have since read other current books that mention the technique of “giving back in value more than the dollar amount you receive” as a method of getting rich.

Furthermore, Einstein made it a daily practice to say “thank you” hundreds of times each day, as a practice of gratitude for all that had been given him. And, having started out in a poor environment, look at all he accomplished!

Since my last post about attracting wealth and abundance through the power of gratitude, I have been blessed with a lot of good things, which of course has inspired me to write another post about this incredible power dictated by physics.

1 – Although I was not aware of the power of gratitude in 2007, I do believe it came into play when we had our house fire. Initially, I was afraid that we didn’t even have fire coverage on our homeowner’s policy. When I learned that, not only were we covered, but we could have another residence on the beach paid for in full while our house was under construction, I remember telling everyone how thankful I was that I was able to stay on the beach for the entire summer for free, and I even had a shorter drive to work.

Much to my surprise, my house was reconstructed all over, not just the areas that I thought were damaged. They told me that due to the “smoke damage” all throughout the house, I should pick out new ceiling fans, furniture, kitchen countertops, carpet throughout the entire house… and we even wound up much better audio equipment and TVs!

2 – 2007 had been a rough year for us because of the fire, but I remained thankful for all that the “silver lining” had brought us, and I wound up getting a job that paid much higher in December of 2007. I didn’t even search for this job; it “found me” when I got a call from someone I had previously known who wanted to hire me!

3 – I was grateful that this new job would allowing me the money I needed to keep us afloat since my husband was out of work and unable to work due to a disability. We had filed for disability twice and been turned down. But I believe it was my feelings of gratitude that generated a winning legal case, because the judge in charge at the time just “happened” to have had friends with the same disability as my husband, and granted us the case. By 2011 we received thousands of dollars to compensate for previous losses.

4 – Prior to being disabled, my husband was an established musician. However, he had fallen away from all of his contacts and was working any job he could find prior to his disability. But after we started receiving disability payments and felt true feelings of gratitude for the money coming in, well know musicians from all over just seemed to come out of the woodwork to hunt him down to have the opportunity to play with him. He even met a new acquaintance bass player who used to play with George Benson!

5 – I learned about the power of gratitude in 2010 and started to make it a daily practice. I’d always wondered what I might do in my senior years to carry us through financially, since my whole life up until recently was living paycheck to paycheck. I asked my daughter to move back from California so we could establish an online business together in network marketing.

Imagine my excitement and gratitude when she decided to do that! It was through her coaching me with online strategies and article marketing and SEO techniques that I have now begun to build a successful business online! And the more I remain thankful to her and those folks whose techniques I’ve adopted, the more money flows into my account!

6 – Just last year I was driving a “P.O.S.” 1992 Toyota. Although not the car of anyone’s dreams, I remained thankful for the ice cold air conditioning and the fact that it had remained a dependable car for me. I did, however, hold onto my dream for a “real car” one day. Then one day I was in an odd accident where I was side-swiped by another car. We both got out and looked at our cars. By some “miracle”, although my car was completely wrecked on the drivers’ side with a lost hubcap, the other car did not even have a scratch! So I took this as my message from the universe that it was time for me to get my new car, and within 2 months I had enough finances and credit line available to get my 2008 Honda Civic dream car!

7 – The last time I wrote a blog post about the power of gratitude, there was something very strange but wonderful that happened in the way of “attracting wealth and abundance” my way. Earlier in the day, I received a message that one of my internet customers had terminated his account. I elected not to worry too much about it, because I knew I am getting more people hopping on board all the time anyway. I proceeded to write a post which mandated that I call to mind how much I’m grateful for everything in my past and in what ways it has changed my life.

Later that same day, I received another email notification that the same person who had “terminated payment” actually sent $100 to my account. Obviously, the first email was just an error. In addition to that, I received another $100 from another customer where the payment had previously been “skipped”. And, in addition to that, I received another email notifying me of a new customer! Hence, you can imagine why I’ve elected to write another post about of power of gratitude!

8 – Of course, wealth and abundance isn’t just money. I had a new type of wealth and abundance come to me in the form of a strange power of attraction friendship initiated by my online business. By the shear power of attraction, a woman on the other side of the country called me to talk, and it turns out that we have everything in common, from our age, children’s ages, type of business we’ve had experience in, likes and dislikes, right down the type of food we like to eat! The law of attraction truly is a perfect force! And, of course, I remain thankful for my new friend!

I really think that you would experience the same “luck” when you practice the power of gratitude. Because, after all, it’s really not “luck” at all… it’s the quantum physics law of attraction! Learn more about attracting wealth and abundance in your life from the power of gratitude.


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