Must Have Car Accessories – Ventshades and Rain Guards


Ventshades are the perfect car accessory for you in case you like to drive aided by the windows lowered. By installing a set of attractive vent visors, you can actually happily drive along with the windows lowered no matter what the local weather is like outdoors. Ventshades conveniently shield the window gap from blowing wind, rainwater, sleet and snow and are the perfect accessory for anybody who prefers to appreciate fresh air whilst driving a vehicle. People who smoke cigarettes may specially experience some benefits from fitting this car accessory as they enable smoke to pass out of the vehicle or truck and for exterior air to ventilate the automobile’s interior whilst not causing disruptive gusts of air.

Go with Vent Visors to add Style

Notwithstanding their functional advantages, vent visors are also a stylish accessory to any car, and regardless of whether finished in black, smoked, or chrome they truly help to improve the visual appearance of an automobile without overshadowing the main design.

Added benefits of Ventshades

Just picture for a moment a classic scenario; it’s a splendid day outside, the sun is shining, and you are driving along with your windows down taking pleasure in the fresh air. Then, with out much forewarning, the heavens swiftly begins to become cloudy and rain drops begin falling. You last it out for a few minutes due to the fact it is only gentle rain, but before long you might be required to close the windows to avoid you and your car’s interior getting drenched as the precipitation gets harder. No more fresh air! Unless of course – you’ve got rain guards / wind deflectors, as they’re occasionally known as, fitted to your vehicle.

These inventive products are without any doubt amongst the most convenient yet worthwhile of automobile accessory. By utilizing a ventshade on every window you’re able to have the window lowered to some extent even if it truly is raining heavily. Think about another issue of driving during rain with the windows shut – that’s right, misting and fog blocking your vision. Making use of vent visors and leaving the car windows open just a little helps to stop mist and fog forming on your car windows, so it could even be contended they can help to enhance safety too.

Selecting Ventshades

As they become more and more common and increased numbers of folks start to realize the advantages of vent visors, the variety of various styles and designs available to acquire on-line is escalating. Several people decide to opt for custom made visors that are designed specifically for their own specific make and model of vehicle. For example, it truly is achievable to invest in particular vent visors for trucks, Hyundai ventshades, Ford ventshades, Toyota ventshades and so on. Whenever you are searching for the prefect visors to suit your automobile or truck, be aware that quite a few models are accessible to obtain in either a set of four to cover all car windows, or on the other hand in a set of two just to cover the front driver and passenger windows. Should you frequently have rear passengers, or even when you just like to drive with all the rear windows lowered, then you may possibly find a set of four is the best bet.

Installation of Ventshade

Certainly one of the greatest things about ventshade is that they are so simple to attach. In fact, virtually all sorts and designs do not require any drilling or complex fixings. Normally, the guards are merely clipped into position or fastened using sticky foam tape which is usually provided with the visors. Effortless!


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