Moving an Armoire? Let a Professional Mover Show You How It’s Done The RIGHT Way


Yes your armoire is heavy. If you find yourself having to move it, you will need three things: skill, patience, and knowledge.

Moving an armoire can be accomplished if you take your time and plan. What does planning consist of when moving an armoire? Good old fashion notebook paper and pencil will be a good place to start.

Being a professional mover, I have moved a lot of bulky, awkward, and heavy armoires over the years. I like to start by writing down the measurements of the armoire (L*W*H). Knowing these important measurements will allow you to know if the armoire will fit through the door, and those measurements will allow you to know the best way the armoire will fit onto the moving truck. The last thing you need is to move a heavy armoire and then find out it wont fit. After you measure these dimensions with a measuring tape, write these numbers down on paper so you don’t forget.

After measurements are taken, I pad the armore well to prevent scratches, chipping, and marring from occurring. Professional movers like to use a good thick 8 lb pad for this, but the average do-it-yourself mover can rent moving pads from places like Uhaul to pad their expensive furniture with.

Don’t skimp here! Use plenty of pads to get the job done. A lot of so called professional movers will use inferior padding, or skimp padding all together. The results can be devastating–An expensive armoire destroyed, and a concerned customer mad!

After the pads have been placed on the armoire, use brown movers tape or movers rubber bands to secure the padding to the armoire. Make sure not to get any tape on the armorire itself. Tape can damage wood, so make sure tape is always on top of the padding.

Once the armoire is padded and taped well, it will be time to move it into the moving truck. A heavy armoire should be placed near the front of the truck, so make sure it is one of the first things you load. Keep the weight even, and keep the weight steady so the armoire does not tip over. Two or three strong men will be needed to carefully transport the armore into the truck.

Additional info:

1.Never push or slide your armoire because even on sliders an armoire’s legs can become weak and break.
2.An armoire’s knobs should always be removed – they can snap off easily while transporting.


Source by Anthony Leverett

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