Make Money With Just A Van – The Easiest Way To Make Money?


When it comes to utilizing your vehicle to make a profit, the possession of a van may go a long way. While many companies and other services offer the use of rented vehicles, many do not offer assistance. For jobs that require an extra helping hand, establishing a “man with a van” service is just one of the ways you can make a profitable use of the van you own. Customers may opt to select your services because you can help them with aspects of a move or item transportation that they are unable to handle on their own.

The price to rent a truck from a major company can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Even the use of a van from a local business for only a few hours may seem a bit pricey. When you are able to deliver a better deal to individuals in need of this type of service, a small business or making extra cash on the side is the result. To further contend with the competition, you may also offer your services after hours when other companies have sent their workers home.

Who Needs Van Service?

Moving companies are known for making a bundle packaging, loading, and transporting items from point A to point B. For local moves, a “man with a van” service might be just what a family needs in order to stay within their budget limitations. Sometimes, the use of the van is all that is needed and for that reason, you may offer two different options with your business: van only service and van with assistance service.

As college kids shuffle to the realm of higher education, some students don’t move far from home. Transporting all of their belongings to the college campus may prove too overwhelming for the family car to handle. The use of a van for a short period of time is just the thing to make sure as few as possible trips back and forth to the college are made.

Sometimes a heavy-duty round of spring-cleaning has created a need to transport unwanted items to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, local charity, or junkyard. Old couches, sofas, dining room tables, and other sizable household goods simply do not fit in the back of a car, calling for the use of a larger vehicle. A “man with a van” service not only helps individuals load these items, but also charges a small fee for delivery to their intended destination.

The use of a van is also needed when large household items are purchased from a furniture store and there is no way to transport the objects back to a home. A “man with a van” service not only solves this problem, but also helps consumers bring the items safely inside of their home.

Spreading the Word

To get the public interested in your van services, you have to let people know that your services exist. When individuals are in need of help or the service of another, one of the most commonly used resources is the local Yellow Pages. Placing an ad or listing with this source is highly suggested in order to make your business a competitive venture.

The local newspaper is also a popular mode of advertisement, which helps to drum up business. Also, as you ride about town in your van, eye-catching advertising splashed on the side of your vehicle will alert the public of your services.

Once you have established yourself then word of mouth will spread if you give a good service, then you can think about expanding your business and taking on staff to cover more areas, then the world is your oyster!


Source by Steve J Carter

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