LPG: Availability and Benefits


This article highlights the problem of LPG, which is being alleviated by increasing availability. It talks about the drawbacks of the availability issue and also details solutions, giving situations and recommendations for converting to LPG.

Currently up-take of LPG amongst consumers is quite low, with about 120,000 LPG cars out of a total of about 26 million cars on our roads. This figure is however, always increasing.

A reason for the low up-take could be a lack of availability of LPG, which in some areas is poor. With only about one tenth of the UK’s service stations stocking LPG, it can be difficult to fill up your car in some areas but this is also ever expanding with more and more LPG stations popping up over the country. There are currently on-going campaigns to make LPG more widely available and easily accessible, which should help LPG reach you and your area.

Obviously, in order to be truly cost efficient you’ll need to have an LPG station near you but if your nearest LPG station is miles away then there are also the environmental benefits to consider as these alone are part of the attractiveness of LPG. With LPG stations opening daily, LPG is becoming an extremely attractive and cost effective option for many drivers, especially high mileage and fuel thirsty cars.

Although the major car manufacturers are not producing LPG cars, you can easily modify a petrol engine to run on LPG.

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