Kaizen Real Life Implementation


Before we discuss kaizen real life implementation case studies let’s first understand what kaizen is exactly and how it helps companies in beating up competition in the market and coming on top like they never imagined before.

According to experts kaizen means the process of bringing non- stop improvements in the organizations. Kaizen is very flexible and its elements can be allocated easily in management, services, manufacturing and engineering. If its elements are implemented accurately then it will help a company utilize its limited resources to the maximum in order to attain optimum profit. It also makes it possible for the companies to eliminate waste and eradicate unnecessary work. It teaches the employees to show their best of capabilities and attain rewards in return. The kaizen basically consists of numerous scientific approaches which work really well in all sorts of organizations whether it is a big multinational like Toyota or a small company of two rooms only.

Mentioned below are examples of some of the companies that applied kaizen principles and experienced massive success shortly. We will explain you how good kaizen is by giving examples of three companies:

Canon is a Japanese company that decided to implement kaizen in order to make place in international market and expand the horizons of their operation to many countries that they had stepped into yet. To attain this, Canon made use of matrix management system on various small activities with the purpose of reducing waste and motivating the workforce to work at optimum level. With time they increased the number of techniques they were applying and experienced great growth. For instance, with the help of kaizen applications those were applied in production system, production assurance, personal training and quality assurance the entire growth in monthly productivity they witnessed was equal to 3%.

Fidelity investments is another company that successfully used kaizen applications and faced success. The company offers a large number of financial services, in order to bring more improvements in their system the company the CEO of the company, Johnson tough it would be a great idea to introduce Kaizen. To do this he made several small groups each representing a different business unit. Employees were then trained and motivated to utlitize their resources to the maximum. The employees consisting of leadership qualities were given encouragement so that they can take up the responsibility of achieving the goals. The performance overall was analysed on quarterly and monthly basis and then improvements were introduced accordingly. Gradually as changes were brought in the company it was seen that profitability also increased along the side.

Gold Seal Engineering Products is an automotive company in India that exports to many countries of the world. The company with the aim to cut the production time and cost by 33% implemented the kaizen’s principles of 5s. In the first six months it was seen that production outcome increased by 45% while the production time reduced by 25%, the wastage was minimized by 75% and machine down time was brought down from 89% to 60%.


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