Interesting Skateboard Facts


Here are seven interesting and unusual skateboarding facts that you can use to astound and impress your friends.

1. Of all active skateboarders in the United States of America, more than half live in the state of California.

2. Consider all the sports which are played and which are popular in many different countries all over the world. Now, consider this interesting fact: skateboarding is the sixth more popular sport on the planet in terms of total participants.

3. Approximately 100,000 people every year require some sort of medical treatment for skateboard-related injuries. A majority of these injuries are a result of people not wearing or not using proper safety equipment like helmets and pads. Ouch!

4. Speaking of injuries, can you guess which body part is injured more than any other during skateboarding? If you answered the wrist, give yourselves a big round of applause.

5. When skateboarding first began, it was referred to as sidewalk surfing. This is a direct reference to surfing, which is considered the founding activity of skateboarding.

6. You could never tell by the naked eye, but most common or popular skateboard decks are actually made from seven separate pieces of plywood maple.

7. Between 1978 and 1989, skateboards were banned in Norway. The reason for the prohibition of skateboards was as a result of the high number of injuries that Norwegian skateboarders suffered.

If you ever find yourself on a quiz show, and one of the topics happens to be facts about skateboarding, then you’ll be armed and ready with the knowledge needed to answer just about any skateboarding question that’s thrown your way.


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