Inexpensive Skateboards Not Cheap


If you are just getting started in skateboarding and don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new board, you may think that buying a cheap skateboard is the way to go. However, don’t be fooled. Cheap is not the same as inexpensive. While there are many cheap skateboards out there, many of them are of low-quality and will not withstand constant use or advanced tricks. There are inexpensive skateboards that are well-made and are quite a bargain. Let’s look at two definitions before we go further:

Cheap: costing very little; low in price; small cost; may be low in quality

Inexpensive: not costly; a good value

So, from our definitions, a cheap skateboard may be more costly than an inexpensive one.

Cheap Skateboards

A cheap skateboard is one that is constructed from poor-quality materials. These are typically sold at mass market retailers like some chain stores. They may be priced low or they may be priced higher than a better-quality board. These cheap boards will have a deck made of cheap plastic or wood, will not have the fit and finish of the deck, trucks, and wheels of a better board, and will use inferior trucks and wheels.

Inexpensive Skateboards

An inexpensive skateboard will be made of higher-quality materials than a cheap skateboard. It will have a deck that is made of high-quality plastic, wood, or composite materials. It will also feature good quality trucks and wheels.

Some Examples of Inexpensive Skateboards

Powell is one company that makes inexpensive skateboards. They have several complete boards (deck, trucks, and wheels) for under $50. These are an excellent value if you are just getting started in skateboarding. Another company that makes a good-quality inexpensive skateboard is Speed Demons. They have a few models under $60 and even more in the $60-$80 range. One type of board we don’t like is the Yocaher skateboard. These boards are around $35 and feature bland graphics and, in our opinion, a design that is not up to par with today’s standards.

If you are looking for exciting graphics and a good-quality board, we like World Industries boards. You can pick one up for under $60, they have decent decks and mediocre trucks and wheels, but they are a good example of an inexpensive skateboard that should serve you well in the beginning and until you are ready to invest in a better board.


Source by Dean Novosat

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