Important Features And Uses of Mild Steel


One of the most common materials which are used for building purposes is steel. It is used to build bridges, buildings and various other types of structures. It is also used to build different types of machine parts.

Steel which contains carbon as the alloying component is basically known as carbon steel. It is classified into three different categories such as low or mild, medium and high carbon steel. It is used for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications according to its relative strength.

Mild steel is one of the most popularly used forms of steel as it includes various advantageous features. It is quite affordable and therefore it can be used for various building purposes. Although it includes low carbon content, it is quite strong. It is often used in structural steel applications.

Different Properties of Mild Steel:

Characteristic Features: Steel which includes carbon content of less than three percentages is often categorized as mild or low. This type of product is generally used directly during the process of forming as it is quite easy to work with metals in such forms. Two important components of this type of product are ferrite and pearlite.

Attractive Features: One of the most attractive features of this product is that it can be molded into any desired shape. It is quite easy to form low carbon products by pressing and pouring it into any required shape. It is known to be one of the most versatile materials as it can be formed into different shapes. It can be used for a huge assortment of purposes such as pipes, stampings, rivets, chains and so forth.

Another beneficial feature of this product is weldability. This is particularly due to the low carbon content of the metal. Builders use more content of carbon to strengthen the metal. However, hard steel is prone to cracks when it is welded. However metal with low carbon content seldom cracks and therefore it can be welded easily.

It is also malleable as it has the ability to resist cracks even when it is bent or twisted. This particular feature allows the metal to be rolled and beaten into thin sheets.

This steel product includes various applications. Some of the most common items made with this type of steel are automobile doors, spare tire tubes, truck bed floors, domestic appliances and so forth.

It is also used widely in the automobile industry as it is quite easy to form and bend it for manufacturing various auto products such as floor pans, truck cab backs, bed floors and access covers for tailgates. It is also widely used to manufacture body sides, roofs, doors and hoods of automobiles.

Another popular usage of mild steel is in the field of construction. Due to its advantageous features, it is used for structural shapes of buildings and bridges. It is also used to manufacture bolts and fasteners as it offers strength and ductility.

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